15 Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year 2023 | No. 4’s a Classic

Your VUDU subscription doesn’t have to be wasted away. Your Easter can also be so much more fun than you pictured. Do you have issues with picking a movie to see on VUDU? Do you not know the perfect movie to watch? Well, this article will be of great help to you. This article will be giving you 15 Good Movies on VUDU to Watch this 2023 Easter.

15 Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year 2023

Your Easter celebration does not have to be boring. All you need are the right movies to put you in a happy mood. Vudu has movies ranging from all genres. From action to fantasy, comedy, romance and whatnot.

15 Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year 2023

Easter is close and so, You will get some Good Movies on Vudu to watch with family and friends here, this is to make the holiday more fun.

1. Everything Everywhere All at Once

A good fantasy movie go set you in the mood. An interdimensional rupture unravels reality. As such, an unlikely hero must use her newfound powers to fight dangers from the multiverse. Meanwhile, the fact of the world hangs greatly in the balance.

2. Eternals

Additionally, Eternals can be one of the movies to watch this eater. The story of the Eternals as they helped shaped human history. It is projected by skipping between the past and the present. Meanwhile, the Eternals are shown as they unveiled new technologies to the human world.

3. Cocaine Bear Can be One of the Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year

The story is inspired by a 1985 true story of a drug runner’s plane crash and the surrounding events. It tells how the drug runner’s cocaine went missing and a bear ate it. Groups of criminals, tourists and teenagers converge in a Georgia forest where a 500-pound bear is fueled by cocaine into a rampage.

4. Magic Mike’s Last Dance

Following a business deal that went bust am left him broke, “Magic” Mike Lane takes to the stage again. He takes bartender gigs in Florida. Also, he heads to London with a wealthy socialite for what he hopes will be the last hurrah.

Also, he is lured by an offer he cannot refuse with the socialite’s own agenda. When Mike finds out her plan, will he and the new dancers he’ll wipe into shape, have what it takes to pull it off?

5. Dragged Across Concrete

Want a crime drama? This movie tells the story of police partners. They descend into the criminal underworld after being suspended for assaulting a suspect on video.

6. The Menu Can be Among the Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year

A perfect combination of mystery, horror as well as comedy. When a couple travels to a coastal island to eat at an exclusive restaurant, the chef has prepared a lavish menu. Guess what? The menu is full of way too many surprises.

7. Infinity Pool

James and Em are staying at an isolated island resort. They are enjoying a perfect vacation with exceptional staff services, pristine beaches as well as soaking up the sun. Also, they venture outside the resort grounds guided by the mysterious and seductive Gabi.

Meanwhile, they are shocked to find themselves in a culture filled with hedonism, violence as well as untold horror. They are left facing a zero-tolerance policy for a crime after a tragic accident.

8. Nope

A mystery thriller that tells the story of a man and his sister who discovers something sinister in the skies. On the other hand, the owner of a nearby theme park tries his best to profit from this mysterious phenomenon.

9. The Fabelmans Can be One of the Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year

After young Sammy Fableman’s parents take him to see “The Greatest Show on Earth”, he falls in love with movies. Afterwards, he gets his own camera and with the support of his mother, he starts to make his own films at home.

10. Knock at The Cabin

A young girl and her parents are taken hostage by four men while vacationing at a remote cabin. The armed strangers demand that the family make an unthinkable choice to avert the apocalypse. The family must decide what they believe before all is lost especially with limited access to the outside world.

11. Babylon

The story traces the rise and fall of different characters. The story is told during an era of unbridled decadence as well as depravity in early Hollywood.

12. Sonic the Hedgehog Can be Among the Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year

Remember the loveable blue hedgehog? Well, he’s back and with a more fun adventure. Immediately after he arrives in Green Hills, Sonic wants to show that he can a real hero.

Dr Robotnik and his companion after a long absence return in search of the magical emerald. Adventure unfolds as two of them set out to retrieve the emerald to prevent it from being stolen.

13. Death on the Nile

In addition, Death on the Nile is another movie to watch this easter. A picture-perfect honeymoon is cut short and the famous Belgian detective, finds himself hunting a killer along the river. It’s a narrative of crippling jealousy as well as unbridled love.

14. The Northman

In addition, this is the story of Prince Amleth. His uncle kills his father and also kidnaps his mother. He is now a teenage prince on the verge of adulthood as well as a Viking who plunders Salvic communities. Meanwhile, in no time, he meets a seer who reminds him of his revenge against his uncle and a whole lot of drama unfolds.

15. Ghostbusters: Afterlife Can be One of the Good Easter Movies to Watch on Vudu this Year

A single mother moves in with her new kids to a new area. She soon realizes that they have a link to the main Ghostbusters and the hidden heritage their grandpa left behind.


What you need to have a wonderful Easter is just an amazing list of movies. So, grab your popcorn, relax on your couch and have a fun Easter celebration.

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