13 Good Christmas Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2022 Holiday | No. 5’s Top Notch

If you think of this holiday and all that comes to your mind is getting cozy on your couch, eating junk food and doing something that brings you pure happiness, then this article is for you. This Christmas season we’ve prepared something special for you, a compiled list of all the Good Movies you can Watch on Apple Tv Plus.

Watch Good Apple TV Plus Christmas Movies; 13 Options

13 Good Christmas Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2022 Holiday

Christmas is around the corner and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Apple TV Plus that will make Your Holiday a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on Apple TV Plus this Holiday.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

If you’re finding a deeper meaning to Christmas like Charlie Brown, then this Movie is Good for you. With all his great attributes, Charlie was depressed, but it’ll take just one holiday and a couple of friends to make him a happy person.

2. Twas a Night Before Christmas

Twas a night before Christmas starts on a Good note as comedian Jeremy Morris, a lover of the season puts up a lot of decorations for it, but as his neighbours Watch him, they’re not so impressed. Jeremy is in for a big challenge, figuring out how to overcome them and still make the holiday as exciting as ever.

3. Scrooged is One of the Good Christmas Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this Holiday

In Scrooged, Frank Cross, a Tv network president, is approaching the Christmas season in a foul mood. But with the help of three ghosts from his past, present and future, he realizes the need to become a better person for himself and others.

4. Jack Frost

Jack Frost suddenly dies and can’t fulfil his promise to his 11-year-old son Charlie. But then the universe gives him a second chance as he comes back to life but this time as a snowman. This Movie is a classic from the nineties and is definitely a good one you should watch this Christmas on Apple Tv Plus.

5. The Last Christmas

Kate hasn’t felt like herself since the heart transplant last Christmas. And then something unexpected happens, she meets the one guy that will love her forever. Love is really in the air, and Apple Tv Plus won’t fail to give you another Good Movie to Watch this Christmas.

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is Among the Good Christmas Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this Holiday

The Grinch hates Christmas, and he wants to make the whos in Whoville as miserable as he is, by dressing up as Santa and planning on stealing all their presents. But will his plot succeed? A comedy Movie streamed on Apple Tv Plus that you should watch this Christmas.

7. The Holiday

A romantic comedy tale of two young ladies from different countries with relationship problems who decide to swap homes for the holiday. However, their lives won’t remain the same after they fall in love with two local guys. The perfect mix of love and good humour is just what you need this Christmas.

8. Elf

Buddy, one of Santa’s Elves, discovers at age 30 that he is human, so he travels to New York in search of his real father who doesn’t know he exists and to also spread some Christmas love. This comedy will definitely keep you off sadness this season.

9. Home Alone is One of the Good Christmas Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this Holiday

A family mistakenly forgot their son at home and went off for a vacation in New York. Now, he’s got a problem bigger than his being alone; he has to defend his house against bandits. And there’s no beautiful Christmas without a Good tv show like Home Alone to Watch on a low-cost platform like Apple Tv Plus.

10. Falling for Christmas

Claire a skater gets injured and is sent to a rehabilitation centre in the snowy mountains. Her ego is bruised, but she packs her bags and heads to the mountains with an open mind. Unexpectedly she falls in love with a local fisherman, who gives more meaning to her life. What can be more exciting than love this Christmas?

11. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

A heartwarming animated Movie based on the story of the unlikely friendship between a boy, a mole, a Fox and a horse. These four embark on the Journey in search of a home. We’re so certain you’ll be thrilled Watching this Good Movie, and you can always access it on Apple Tv Plus.

12. Spirited is Among the Good Christmas Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this Holiday

The custom of the Ghost of Christmas present was to pick a dark soul that will be reformed by the visit from the three spirits. But this year, he picked the wrong guy; Clint Briggs, who makes him rethink his life as a Ghost. A Christmas Carol is also told in a hilarious semi-musical twist, which you’ll surely live to remember even after the holiday.

13. Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special

When Christmas day is in trouble, the North pole knows one special person that will always save the day; Mariah Carey, Santa’s great friend. This Movie Streaming on Apple Tv Plus is for you to Watch on Christmas, and you don’t want to miss out.


In conclusion, Apple Tv Plus has made you this priority this Christmas and with all the Good Movies you can relax on your couch and Watch. And we hope you have a great time this holiday.

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