Globethics Youth Leadership Award 2024 (up to $15,000)

This informs the public about the Globethics Youth Leadership Award 2024. Details about the Program are given below.

Globethics Youth Leadership Award 2024

Globethics’ vision is to promote ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world. The first Globethics Youth Leadership Award is launched in our 20th Anniversary year to further that vision in the next 20 years by recognising, honouring and empowering young leaders from around the world striving for positive, ethical change in their community, institution, society, nation, region or even globally.

Program Details

Young leaders who have designed and implemented initiatives that have produced real, proven societal impact and positive change in areas related to one or more of the four Globethics priorities are invited to apply for the Globethics Youth Leadership Award. Winning the Globethics Youth Leadership Award would allow winners to build on and develop their initiatives.


Award winners will achieve recognition for their pioneering work and receive financial and mentoring support to upscale and to multiply the results of their project.

  • 1st prize: USD 15,000
  • 2nd prize: USD 10,000
  • 3rd prize: USD 5,000

All winners will also benefit from the support of a mentor for nine months.


The jury is looking for applications from young leaders (individuals or groups) aged between 18 and 30 years of age who have a values-based approach and are invested in serving the common good through initiatives that they are already involved in leading and would like to develop and grow further. The initiatives have to be impactful, and change-making should be related to one or more of the four ethical priorities.

In addition, winners of the Award will be selected by the jury based on criteria including,

  • Contribution to achieving one or more of the ethics priorities
  • Proven change made as a result of their initiative
  • Innovation in problem-solving
  • Inclusive approach
  • Scalability and replicability

How to Apply

For those interested in the Globethics Youth Leadership Award 2024. Applicants are asked to complete the application form and submit supporting documents, including their photo ID, a concept note of the initiative, a link to a 2-minute video presenting the initiative, and two reference letters supporting the application.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 10 May 2024.

Open this link for more details about the Globethics Youth Leadership Award 2024.

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