GlobalGiving Accelerator Program for Nonprofit Organizations 2020 | APPLY NOW

GlobalGiving Accelerator Program for Nonprofit Organizations is the biggest global crowdfunding community which connects companies, nonprofits, and donors in almost every country in the world. This crowdfunding community helps nonprofit organizations in about 170 countries to access the tools, support and training that is needed for these organizations to be more effective and make the world a better place.

GlobalGiving Accelerator Program for Nonprofit Organizations 2020 | APPLY NOW

This Accelerator Program offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations to build skills, access necessary tools and grow their supporters pool to achieve excellence through crowdfunding. Individuals or organization will have to raise a certain amount through a specified number of donors in order to graduate. Upon graduation, the individuals or organization becomes a permanent member of GlobalGiving and will have access to all the tools, training and support available in the GlobalGiving community.

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How the GlobalGiving Accelerator Program for Nonprofit Organizations Works

GlobalGiving is a nonprofit organization that makes it safe and easy through the thorough vetting process provided to donate to projects anywhere in the world while providing the local organizations with the training, tools and support needed to become more effective. The organization also provides relief for places that may have been hit by natural disasters. Below are the things you should know about how GlobalGiving Accelerator Program for Nonprofit Organizations works;

  • Individuals or organizations are to join at
  • You are to start with an optional one-week training curriculum
  • Afterwards, you will be entered into an Accelerator program where you are required to raise at least $5,000 total from a minimum of 40 different donors in order to graduate and secure a permanent fundraising spot on the GlobalGiving community.

Benefits of Graduation in the GlobalGiving Accelerator Program

When you graduate and become a permanent member of the GlobalGiving platform you earn benefits such as;

  • Getting included in a GlobalGiving press release announcing the Accelerator program graduates
  • Access to a GlobalGiving custom media kit to help promote your accomplishments
  • Getting a certificate of completion from the GlobalGiving Accelerator Program
  • Additional promotional opportunities through GlobalGiving’s social media or homepage, for top-performers in the program.

However, before you can proceed with all the aforementioned details on how to take part in the GlobalGiving Accelerator Programs the first step is to complete the online application.

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Eligibility Requirements to Join GlobalGiving Accelerator Program for Nonprofit Organizations

Any registered nonprofit organization located anywhere in the world is eligible to apply for the GlobalGiving Accelerator Program. These organizations will be supported as they reach out to their own networks, and tell their story in new and intriguing ways. Donors can give in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and AUD, which will reach your supporters in the UK, United States of America and beyond.

GlobalGiving community also provide matching incentives for donors, and it includes bonus prizes for the most successful participants. The community is free to join as it does not charge an application or subscription fee.

How to Apply

Click on this link to apply for the program.

Application Deadline

The next deadline for the submission of applications is on the 31st of  July, 2020. In order to be eligible to participate in the September 2020 GlobalGiving  Accelerator Programs, you are to apply before the deadline.

Follow this link for more details about the GlobalGiving Accelerator Program – September 2020 for Nonprofit Organizations.

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