Global Health 5050 This is Gender Photography Competition 2021 | APPLY NOW

The Global Health 50/50 This is Gender Photography Competition 2021 is currently inviting applications from interested persons. Photographers are invited to share their vision of what gender looks like and photographs that explore the diverse ways in which gender norms -rigid and fluid, traditional and progressive are lived and subverted by men, women, and non-binary people should be submitted by them.

Global Health 5050 This is Gender Photography Competition 2021 | APPLY NOW

About the Global Health 5050 This is Gender Photography Competition 2021

A mirror has been held to society by the COVID 19 pandemic and the relationship to human environments, to each other and the systems in which we live have been revealed. Existing social fractures and inequalities have also been exposed by the pandemic.

As there is the closure of borders and gazes have turned inward, there have been both exasperated pervasive and restrictive notions of gender roles and catalyzed transformations in the gendered landscape by the pandemic.

Lives and society at large are being impacted and changed in diverse and gendered ways at this moment of global upheaval. More than ever, it is now more important that there is production and distribution of imagery that reflects the diverse realities of gender. Photographers are encouraged to contribute to expanding the imagery that is associated with the gender concept by exploring for example:

  • How the landscape of work – professional, domestic, care or otherwise – is gendered.
  • How gender intersects with health and wellbeing.
  • How politics and commercial industries exploit gender roles and how they are challenged.
  • How gender intersects with other aspects of identities and vulnerabilities.


The benefits of the photography competition are written below:

  • First place gets cash prize of £500 while cash prizes are also available for secondary category awards
  • Across their platform, media partnerships and via their world-recognised annual report, there will be global exposure of your work
  • There is an opportunity to get your work featured in a curated exhibition (if COVID 19 dictates, it will online)
  • The winner will be given the opportunity to join their global photographer database and to connect with individuals and organizations who are seeking imagery to complement their work in global health and development.
  • For outstanding depiction of gender, winner will get GH5050 certificate

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria that makes one eligible to apply for the competition is written below:

  • Application is welcomed from all photographic and photojournalist form
  • Particularly encouraged to apply are photographers from low and middle-income communities and countries.


There should be no more than two images per submission by each contestant (entrants can make submission up to three times) and is to be accompanied by the following elements:

  • A narrative that is brief and that talks about the image significance to the themes of the photo contest.
  • The place and time the photo was taken
  • Biography of the artist (short biography)
  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the competition via this link 

You can apply via this link 

Application Deadline

Application closes on January 3rd 2021. Interested persons should start submitting their application as there may be no extending of the application deadline.

Visit the official webpage via this link for more information



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