Invitation Number; Reviews and Application Process Invitation Number

Trying to get a Disney visa card, well you can do that by getting an invitation number and applying on Most Disney fans will be glad to have a visa credit card because it has some perks to it. Invitation Number; Reviews and Application Process

To add, the Chase bank issues the Disney visa credit card. The card gives access to discounts and other rewards. Read through this article to learn all about the invitation number on Reviews

The Disney visa card provides cardholders with lots of perks and other rewards. However, here we will go through all the pros and cons of


  • With your Disney card you will be provided access to exclusive Disney services.
  • Provides users with a discount on Disney only
  • It also allows users to choose a theme design for their card
  • Does not require a monthly fee
  • You can also get a cashback reward on your Disney purchases
  • You get a 2% Disney reward on your everyday purchase
  • Get access to unlimited offers on Disney
  • Lastly, your Disney card is acceptable in all places where the visa card is accepted

 Cons to Know before Using Invitation Number;

  • Mediocre rewards rate is lower than other cashback cards
  • The Disney rewards you receive can only be redeemed on Disney purchases

How to Get Approved for Disney Credit Card

Once you’ve received the mail from Disney to get your Disney credit card approved. Follow the step provided in the article below to guide you.

Requirements to Apply for a Disney Credit Card

However, before considering applying for the Disney credit card, please check out the following;

  • You must attain a credit score of 580 or higher
  • You must be 18 years or above
  • Must be a U.S resident
  • And a permanent home address within the United States

Disney Credit Card Pre Approval

The criteria for card approval on a Disney credit card is that you must reach a credit score of 580 or higher. That will put you on an automatic pre-approval, but that doesn’t mean that you will get full approval. To do that you will need to apply for full approval.

Getmydisneyvisa Invitation Number

As mentioned earlier, the invitation card is required for you to activate your Disney visa credit card . The following steps below are the procedures on how to apply your Invitation Number to get access to the Disney card;

How to Apply for Disney Credit Cards on 

  1. Go to any web browser and visit their
  2. From the first box you see, enter the “12-digit invitation number” sent to you
  3. Next, enter your “ZIP code” (for locating your offer)
  4. Lastly, enter your “last name”
  5. After, Click on the submit button to apply

How to Get My Disney Visa Invitation Number at

Your Disney Invitation Number will be sent to you through your email by Disney. From the mail, you will get the 12-digit number for applying for a Disney visa card. Also, don’t forget you must have at least a credit score of 580 to apply for the Disney visa card (issued by Chase).

Disney Credit Card Code

This is a promo code you add to all your orders. To do this go to and go to “my bag”, then add a promo code DRVCMEMBER for some discount!!!

Disney Visa Card Reviews

Just like any other visa card, a Disney card can work anywhere the visa card is acceptable. The card gives a special feature to cardholders, such as the 2% Disney reward, and so many other things. The Disney visa card is truly useful, especially to those who make purchases on Disney, they get special discounts unlike others

Disney Credit Card Number for Activation at

This is the 16-digit number on the back of your Disney visa card. The number is for making an online payment on Disney. The number also used to identify the bank that issues the card.  In this case, chase bank issues the Disney visa card.

Credit Cards for Disney

The Disney credit card allows cardholders to make purchases online and pay later after getting Invitation Number at That is using this feature means you will be using the bank’s money to pay. Also, cardholders save 10% on their purchases at

 Disney Visa Credit Card

The visa card is the only card that allows cardholders to redeem their Disney rewards received.

Chase Disney Credit Card

With your chase credit card, you can receive a 1% reward on Disney for every purchase you make with the card.

Disney Rewards Credit Card           

All the Disney rewards you receive allow you to only redeem them on your Disney purchases.

Take Away

In summary, if you know you are a fan of Disney you should take advantage of it and get your Invitation Number apply on for a Disney visa card.

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