13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State Nigeria

Are you an Uncle or an Aunt in Ondo or planning a visit to your niece in Taraba State? Do you need a location idea? Then, this article meets you well. Find out about the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State Nigeria

Taraba State is a big state in Nigeria with lots of places where you have fun with your niece. You don’t need to stress yourself out when searching for a fun-filled location.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Niece to in Taraba State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Jalingo Beauty

When it comes to SPAs and anything involving beauty, it always excites the female gender no matter the age.

Jalingo beauty is a saloon near Taraba State University. They offer a wide variety of services including SPA. Save a date for you and your niece for a SPA day and relaxation day.

2. Taraba State University

Taraba State University is a State-owned public University that was built and establishes in the year 2008. Over time, the University has built a good wall of a reputation around it that has made the University stand out among some of the Nigerian Universities. It is a beautiful place to visit with your niece.

3. Taraba State Government Secretariat is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State

This is one of the most important places in Taraba State as it is the permanent administrative office of the Taraba State. To be able to enter you need a means of identification.

But it is a safe place to take your niece. It will also help her learn some things she does not know of.

4. Jolly Nyame Stadium

This is a sports viewing centre. Your niece will have so much time here watching her favourite sport.

5. Star Exclusive Hotel

Star Exclusive hotel is a luxurious hotel in Jalingo, Taraba State. They offer one of the best services in the town. With comfortable well equipped rooms and good and clean toiletries to serve you during your stay. Take your niece here so she can enjoy herself in this hotel.

6. City Mall is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State

This shopping mall is well equipped with items your niece can buy no matter her age. Take her for some shopping but don’t forget to carry extra cash along when going shopping.

7. Marmara Crocodile Pond

Has your niece been dying to see a crocodile? If yes, then this is a must-visit for her. The crocodiles here are said to be legendary and ancient.

8. Aunty Peace Restaurant

Food plays an important role in fun and entertainment. There is no fun if the stomach is empty. This is why you should take your niece to this restaurant.

Aunty Peace restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Jalingo city and the food there is amazing and properly cooked.

9. Kambari Game Reserve is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State

Kambari game reserve is another beautiful product of nature’s birth. The environment is very green which makes it more beautiful to the eyes. Your niece will get a chance to see a crocodile in this game reserve as it is the most common aquatic animal found here.

10. Mambilla Plateau

Mambilla Plateau is a very beautiful place in Taraba State that you should take your niece to. She will enjoy everything about the place.

11. Chappal Waddi

Chappal Waddi is a place for hiking and camping if your niece can stay a day outside. But ensure to carry basic life tools like hiking boots, a trampoline, a tent for camping, a first aid box, mosquito nets and others your niece might need.

12. Shield Hotel is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Taraba State

Shield Hotel is a good hotel to spend the weekend with your niece and unwind and have fun and go to other places like restaurants and SPA near it.

13. Katukas Kitchen

Katuska Kitchen is a mouth-watering restaurant with a local and international menu.


With the guide above you will know the right fun places to take your niece to in Taraba State. Just pick a location from above and take your niece there for a fun-filled experience.

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