13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Plateau State Nigeria

In Plateau state, there are lots of fun places that you could visit with your niece. In this article, we have listed some out for you. We hope you find one you like and while there, you have a great and fun-filled time.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Plateau State Nigeria

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Plateau State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Niece to in Plateau State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Valada Hotel and Resort

Valada Hotel and Resort is an amazing hotel you should really consider visiting with your niece in Plateau state. And, they have an amazing spa.

2. Felak Bistro

This is a fantastic place to go for a nicely prepared meal. Also, you could try the local dishes of the people of Plateau state. You will definitely have a great time there.

3. Pandam Game Reserve is Included in the Fun Places to take your Niece in Plateau state

The pandam game reserve is a very worthwhile place to visit in Plateau state, especially for those who enjoy fishing activities.

4. Crest Hotel

It is a very chill hotel you can visit with your niece. They have a really big pool that you could go to and relax, maybe even spend some time swimming. Furthermore, they have other great facilities

5. Kangys Bar

Kangys Bar is a great bar that you can visit in Plateau state. The bar has an amazing array of drinks that you and your niece could choose from. Certainly, you will have a great time there.

6. Top Notch Restaurant is One of the Fun Places to visit with your Niece in Plateau state

As the name implies, everything you will get here is top-notch, both food and drinks. Also, the layout of the restaurant is quite interesting.

7. Wase Rock

This Is one of the many rocky wonders you can visit in Plateau state. It is a wonderful landscape with a wonderful centerpiece that ties it all together. Moreover, at the top of the rock, you can get a breathtaking view of Wase town

8. Mees Place

Mees Place is the “place” to be in Plateau state. Also, there is so much to see and so much to do there. Definitely going there is worthwhile and you will really enjoy it.

9. The Net Café Places is on the List of Fun to Visit with your Niece in Plateau state

Another amazing place you can visit is Plateau state. Here, you can get lots of really good drinks that will make you and your niece feel at ease. Also, you can enjoy the WiFi while there.

10. Deluxe Bites

Deluxe bite is a great restaurant that you should definitely visit in Plateau state. Besides, it has quite a chill vibe with outstanding service. And, the food they serve there is phenomenal.

11. Jos Wildlife Park

In Plateau state, you can visit Jos Wildlife Park, it’s a very relaxing environment to be in. With lots of wildlife to see and lots to learn about them. Also, they have a really big picnic area you could visit with your niece.

12. Ask Me Restaurant Jos is Also Among the Places in Plateau state that your Niece will find Fun

Another great place to visit is the Ask me Restaurant. The meals served here are nigh unforgettable. And, you will certainly love every second you spend eating here.

13. Country Home Hotel

County Home Hotel and suites is another great place to visit in Plateau state. While there, you will get access to so many amazing and useful facilities.


However, Plateau Is one of many jewels that we have in Nigeria. Although, unlike many precious gems, it is untapped. In Plateau, there is so much to see and do. We hope our list opens your eyes to some of these places.

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