13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Kano State Nigeria

Kano State is one of the thirty-six states in Nigeria and there are quite some places there you can take your niece to visit. The state is in the northern part of Nigeria and it also has a lot of tourist attractions and sites where young people go to have fun. So, this post will bring the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Kano State.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Kano State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Niece to in Kano State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Gidan Makama Museum

This museum was built in 1953 and it was built to preserve the rich history of the people of Kano. The museum is also notable as the home of past Emirs of Kano. Take your niece to this museum and let her see some amazing artefacts.

2. Gidan Rumfa, Kano

This is the notable home of the Emir and it was built in the late fifteen century. The Emir palace is a work of art with amazing architecture, architecture that was beyond its time. Your niece is going to find the palace timeless.

3. Challawa George Dam is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Kano State

This dam was built to serve as a source of power but it also serves as a source of irrigation and also a source of food and income for the fishermen of the nearby settlements. The site of the dam is quite beautiful and when visiting dress comfortably.

4. Ado Bayero Mall

Well, your niece would definitely love to go shopping and one place to take her shopping is the Ado Bayero Mall. The mall is located at zoo road and it is popular among the people of the area. The name is named after the longest-serving Emir of the state.

5. Kano City Wall

The wall is like that of ancient china and other ancient walls that existed before modern civilization. This wall was built as a means to protect the people of Kano. The was once regarded as the most impressive monument in west Africa.

6. Kano Golf Club is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Kano State

Your niece is going to find golfing interesting. Introduce her to the world of golf by taking her to the kano golf club. To visit the club, you can find it at Murtala Mohammed way and it was established in the year 1908.

7. Film House Cinema

The film house cinema is a great place to visit. You can take your niece to this cinema and the both of you can watch movies together, eat various snacks like popcorn, take pictures together and overall have a great time

8. Kofa Mata Dyeing Pits

The dyeing pits have been around for years and this particular dyeing pit has been around since 1498, which is a very long time. Your niece is going to see how the dyeing of materials is made and she will also get to learn an important part of Kano Culture.

9. Tiga Dam is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Kano State

This dam was built in the year 1974 and it is situated in Tiga. The dam is a source of irrigation for farmers and you must take your niece to see especially if you are around the area. The dam brings improvement to the state.

10. Adu Bako Zoo

Your niece is going to enjoy visiting this zoo. The zoo is at zoo road so you can take her there easily enough. The zoo was created in the year 1971 and it is one of the first zoos in Nigeria. She would have fun naming all the animals she sees at the zoo.

11. Roxy Amusement Park

She is going to have a lot of fun at this amusement park. The park was built with children in mind so if your niece is still a child she would love this place, here she can have fun with other kids, participate in activities for kids and so on.

12. Porto Golf Resort is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Kano State

This is another great golf place in kano and it is not just a golf centre but also a resort. The resort is open to everyone so you don’t have to book a room. You can just visit the place on the weekends and play golf and take in the cool scenery.

13. Hills and Valleys Amusement Park

This park is a nice place for families, so you can take your niece to visit here. The park is at Dawakin Kudu road. The park features several activities that will keep your niece quite entertained.


The places listed above are just a few of many places to take your niece to when in the state. Taking your niece to different sites that hold the history and culture of the people of kano is quite important. She would get to learn about a culture and the people while also having fun.

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