13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State Nigeria

Are you an Uncle or an Aunt in Bauchi State or planning a visit to your niece in Bauch State? Do you need a location idea? Then, this article meets you well. Find out about the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State Nigeria

Bauchi State is a very big state in Nigeria with lots of places where you have fun with your niece. You don’t need to stress yourself out when searching for a fun-filled location.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Niece to in Bauchi State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Unity Park

Unity Park is one of the most fun parks in the city and it is frequented a lot in the city. This park serves as a recreational park for multi-purpose use. Aside from the usual park settings, it has an indoor sports hall where various activities are being carried out, an open theatre is also present there as well as a shopping complex for buying items.

In this park, your niece will have wonderful moments and a lovely day as there are lots of activities for her to do and engulf herself with.

2. Yankari National Park and Game Reserve

Bauchi State owns its popularity in Yankari national park and game reserve. This is because, aside from being the very first of its kind in the whole of West Africa, it is one of Nigeria’s landmark tourist locations. It’s frequently bombarded with foreign and local tourists from all over the world.

The best features of this park include a wide variety of animals both domestic and wide life. Apart from wide life, the park also has the Wikki natural warm Spring with excellent bathing facilities, Marshall Cave, as well as fish ponds, are also present.

This park is a must-visit with your niece as you will both enjoy a lifetime experience and fun. It is also a perfect place to build a bond with your niece.

3. The Emir’s Palace Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State

Your niece will like it in this palace. The palace is welcoming to visitors and it’s both an educational and a fun-filled location.

4. The Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium

A place for leisure and sport. It is the best place to take your niece if she is a lover of sports. The features of this stadium include a games village, an Olympic size swimming pool, and a multi-purpose indoor games hall.

5. Cinderella Park

A park for most kids. Your niece will love it here and have so much fun with her peers while playing with them.

6. G-NESS Kitchen Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State

What better way to have fun than eating handcrafted cuisine? None. This place is a local restaurant that specializes in local cuisines with strong scents and flavours.

7. Haisan Eatery

One of the best eateries in Bauchi State with well-flavoured food and a lovely as well as nice environment.

8. E4 Resort

This is a good location for your niece to unwind and have fun if she has had a stressful academic week. They also serve good seafood and amazing meals that can satisfy her stomach. This is a good place if she has always wanted to eat seafood.

9. Yankari Restaurant Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State

Yankari restaurant is located alongside the Yankari national park and game reserve. This is a safe spot to dine in and also gives a great snippet of the Yankari national park and game reserve.

10. Jamil Guest Palace

This is a location you can take your niece to feel comfortable and enjoy a lovely weekend. The rooms are large and comfortable to stay in and they have good hotel amenities.

11. Shehu Azare Park

Shehu Azare Park is a beautiful park with flowers complementing its beauty. This is a place for your niece if she loves her peace and quiet. She can read books here too. You can also engage her in some meaningful conversations while savouring the environment.

12. Bauchi State Swimming Pool Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Bauchi State

This is a water park with an excellent view. Take her here to swim in this lovely pool and let her enjoy herself here.

13. Garajiya Restaurant

A well-polished restaurant with detectable food is a good location to take your niece to. She will enjoy herself here as they offer good services as well as continental dishes.


With the guide above you will know the right fun places to take your niece to in Bauchi State. Just pick a location from above and take your niece there for a fun-filled experience.

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