13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Anambra State Nigeria

These are some of the most fun places to take your Niece in Anambra State, Nigeria. The state holds many historical landmarks and definitely some exciting spots to stop by if you’re ever in the area.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Anambra State Nigeria

13 Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Anambra State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Niece to in Anambra State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. River Niger Bridge

Connecting the entire Southeast of Nigeria to the West, The River Niger Bridge or more popularly known- as Onitsha Bridge goes on for over a thousand kilometres. Undoubtedly, a top three place to visit in Anambra by far.

2. Ogba Ukwu Caves

Another popular site for visitors in Anambra is the Ogba Ukwu Caves. Moreover, it boasts a huge Waterfall in between its caves. Evidently, an attractive sight to see.

3. Ogbunike Caves: Fun Places To Take Your Niece

A collection of interlinked caves with spiritual significance for many of the natives and a former hiding place during slave raids in the past. However, Ogbunike Caves is a great place to visit in Anambra State.

4. Odinani Museum Nri

Built some decades ago by the late Professor M. Angulu Onwuejeogwu. Subsequently, the storage place of many discoveries in archaeology, and traditional and religious artefacts found all over the state and country.

5. Kenneth Dike Memorial Library

Named after Kenneth Onwuna Dike, the first Nigerian vice-chancellor of the University of Ibadan. Evidently, it is one of the largest and most beautiful in the country and in addition to this, it is 100% free to visit.

6. Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center is Among The Fun Places to Take Your Niece in Anambra

Nicknamed the Blue Tower it is the tallest building in all of Igbo land. A medical centre built years ago by Igbo Doctor named Emeka Maduka, the Blue Tower is for one thing, among the most famous tourist sites in all of the state.

7. Nnamdi Azikiwe University

It is one of the highest ranking Universities in Nigeria and Africa. Undoubtedly, Nnamdi Azikiwe University has many landmarks within its borders and is indeed worth paying a visit to.

8. Agulu Lake

A sacred lake with spiritual significance for the people of Anambra state. Furthermore, it boasts beautiful creatures like the Agulu lake Crocodiles and turtles which can be seen taking in sunlight during the day.

9. Fun Places For Your Niece Include The Awka Wonderland In Anambra State

The most popular Amusement park in Anambra state, for this reason, Awka Wonderland is certainly the best location for a child-centred vacation at Anambra.

10. Iyiocha Lake, Amaokpala

The name translates to Clean Water Lake as it is one of the clearest lakes in Nigeria. Hence, known for its beautiful transparency and cleanliness it is a popular place to visit.

11. Onitsha Main Market

The major trade centre in Nigeria and the largest in the whole of West Africa, in spite of the general rowdiness, it is one of Nigeria and Anambra’s proudest tourist sites.

12. Fun Places To Take Your Niece in Anambra: Tourist Garden Hotels

The Tourist Garden Hotels hails from Awka along Enugu-Onitsha Express Way. Nevertheless, it is one of the largest luxury spots to spend some time at while in Anambra.

13. Onitsha Mall

The biggest retail centre in Onitsha and a site for all tastes, luxurious and affordable. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Anambra as a whole, and for good reason.


Surely, the state of Anambra is a beautiful one and holds a lot of significance for the Igbo people. The young will definitely learn a lot about their culture from visiting some of these tourist spots while having lots of fun.

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