13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Rivers State Nigeria

Are you an Uncle or an Aunt in Rivers State or planning a visit to your nephew in Rivers State? Do you need a location idea? Then, this article meets you well. This post will bring the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Rivers State.

Rivers State is a very big state in Nigeria with lots of places where you have fun with your Nephew. You don’t need to stress yourself out when searching for a fun-filled location.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Rivers State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Nephew to in Rivers State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Rivers State Museum

Learning about the history behind antiques of different ethnicities is fun and interesting. This Museum is a centre for artefacts, old relics, and antiques about the different ethnicities indigenous to River State. This is a fun site to take your nephew to. At this location, he will interact with tourists from all over the world.

2. Port Harcourt Zoo

This is the best fun location to take your nephew to if he has an interest in wildlife. At this zoo, two lions of both genders are preserved and kept alive for the purpose of tourists visiting this place.

The best day to visit this zoo is on a Sunday. This is because your nephew will get to watch these lions devour chunks of meat. It is also a very safe location as the zoo is a well-controlled animal zoo.

3. Playhouse Park Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Rivers State

This location is a nice suggestion if your nephew is still a kid. At the playhouse, your nephew is entitled to so many toys for play and fun. He will also meet with kids his age and have fun all day long with them.

4. 5D Cinema 9ja

What better way to enjoy a movie than with your nephew? 5D cinema gives movies a whole new level of experience. Take your nephew to this cinema to see the latest movie on a different level.

5. Baraka Eat House

An empty stomach is no fun. Take your nephew to this restaurant for him to enjoy royal dining services. They also serve the best Indian food in Port Harcourt. Their food coupled with the ambience of the environment makes your stay there worth it.

6. Garden City Amusement Park Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Rivers State

At Green City Amusement Park, you get access to rides and games. And playing and riding with your nephew is fun.

7. Rutaland Amusement Park

Your nephew will have an amazing time in this park, likewise you too. Aside from rides and games, they also have a pool for swimming and relaxing if the weather is hot.

8. Isaac Baro Park

Isaac Baro Park was named in honour of Isaac Baro. The park is a park with so many enlightening events happening there.

9. Ifoko Beach Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Rivers State

This beach is best for relaxing and unwinding. Your nephew will definitely love it here as the environment is nice, friendly and very comfortable. Also, they have local restaurants for you to get food when you are hungry.

10. Sok Lounge

This place is always buzzing with activities at night and they also have a live band for music.

11. Arcade City

Arcade City is a video store in Port Harcourt city with varieties of modern games. Your nephew will enjoy and have so much fun in this place.

12. Press Play Game Hub Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Rivers State

A game centre for gamers.

13. Spring Gardens

They offer relaxation services and host and accommodate lots of events.


With the guide above you will know the right fun places to take your nephew to in Rivers State. Just pick a location from above and take your nephew there for a fun-filled experience.

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