13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kebbi State Nigeria

Kebbi State has lots of fun places that you and your nephew could visit. In this state, there is so much life and, it has such a beautiful culture. Let this list act as your guide into Kebbi State.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kebbi State Nigeria

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kebbi State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Nephew to in Kebbi State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Kanta Museum

A great place that you should definitely consider visiting is the Kanta Museum. In this beautiful place, you will get to see lots of artefacts and artworks.

2. Flourish Bar and Restaurant

Another great place to visit is Flourish Bar and Restaurant. In this establishment, you and your nephew will get unforgettable meals. In addition, with the bar, you have lots of drinks to choose from.

3. Java Grill: Fun Places to Visit with Your Nephew in Kebbi State

You can consider heading to Java Grill with your Nephew. Here, you will get to eat lots of appetizing grilled meals. Certainly, you both will not regret visiting here.

4. MKC Restaurants and Events

At MKC Restaurants, you will definitely get a mouth-watering and unforgettable meal. Also, you could order the local food and get a taste of the local cuisine.

5. Central Market

This is an amazing and huge place in Kebbi State. Here, you will certainly find whatever you are looking for. Moreover, you and your nephew could go window shopping. It will be a very nice experience.

6. Argungu Polo Club is Among the Fun Places to take your Nephew in Kebbi State

Argungu Polo Club is one of the amazing clubs you could visit in Kebbi State. The people you will meet here are quite welcoming. Also, you could take it as an opportunity to make some friends.

7. Azbir Hotels

You can consider visiting the Azbir Hotel. It is a great place to rest after a day spent exploring the state. And, they offer free parking there. It is a great choice that you surely will not regret.

8. Argungu International Fishing Festival

This festival is truly a beauty to behold. It only occurs once a year. Furthermore, during this event, the men have 1hr to get the biggest catch. So, they dive into the river.

9. Xhara’s Bistro is One of the Fun Places to Visit with your Nephew in Kebbi

An amazing place to get tantalizing meals that you definitely will not forget. In addition, they have a menu with a wide variety of meals to choose from.

10. Deenyo’s Restaurant

Deenyo’s Restaurant is a great establishment situated in Kebbi State. The service here is sublime. Also, the meals served are very delicious.

11. Taushi Plaza

One of many great places that you could go shopping at in Kebbi State. Here, you will definitely find what you need or what your nephew wants. Also, you could check out the different shops. Maybe, find some local attire.

12. Kebbi Guest Inn is on the List of Fun Places you could go to with your Nephew in Kebbi State

This is a great place to go to in Kebbi State. While there, you are sure of a serene, natural feeling environment. That way, you can calmly relax and breathe. Certainly, you and your nephew will enjoy staying there.

13. Shagalinku Restaurant

This is an amazing place to visit. Here, you will get a wide variety of drinks, there are so many options to choose from. And, the meals they serve are lovely, to say the least. Definitely, you will love it here.


Kebbi state is a great place to visit, there are so many beautiful sites to see and places to visit. And, we hope our list opens your eyes to some of the places you could go Kebbi Imo state. Definitely, you will have a great time here.

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