13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kano State Nigeria

Are you an Uncle or an Aunt planning a visit with your nephew in Kano State? Do you need a location idea? Then, this article meets you well. Find out about the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kano State.

Kano State is a very big state in Nigeria with lots of places where you have fun with your Nephew. You don’t need to stress yourself out when searching for a fun-filled location.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kano State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Nephew to in Kano State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Ado Bayero Mall

Fun is never complete without shopping. Ado Bayero mall is a mall with different shops and stores to buy things from. They have different categories ranging from shops to games to restaurants and much more. This is a place to have fun with your nephew.

2. Pizza and Burger Hott

Trying new recipes of food outside homemade meals is what makes eating fun. Your nephew will have so much fun in this restaurant as they serve delicious pizza and burgers in this restaurant.

3. Roxy Amusement Park Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kano State

An amusement park is a fun-filled place where both a child and a grown-up can have fun to the fullest. At Roxy amusement park, their games and rides are safe and easy to play with. While on the ride, you experience fun at its peak while making memories together.

4. The Ancient Kano City Wall

Kano city wall is one of the most impressive monuments in West Africa. The wall was built to provide a defence to the people of Kano City. This place is a great site for tourism and also for fun.

5. Chopsticks Kano

If your nephew is a fan of Chinese food, then this restaurant is for him. They make use of chopsticks in this restaurant to eat their Chinese food.

6. Hills And Valley Amusement Park Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kano State

This is a relaxation centre. There is a lodging place there where to rest. Also, it has a pool and different rides.

7. Kofar Mata Marina

This is a site for dyeing clothes. Kofar Mata Marina is a historic site where pits with dyeing pits.

8. Kurmi Market

Kurmi market is a centre of trade in Africa where different cultural items are on display. It is also frequently visited by tourists and foreign visitors.

9. Sani Abacha Stadium Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kano State

This stadium is open to varieties of sports apart from football. It has a capacity of 25, 000 people. Your nephew will love this place as it gives a wide insight into sports.

10. Dala Hill

Hiking is a fun thing to do with your nephew. Dala hill has about 100 stairways to climb before you reach the cliff of the hill. There you can view Kano city from the rooftops.

11. Filmhouse Cinema, Kano

At Filmhouse your nephew will enjoy movies of top-notch quality and great views.

12. Audu Bako Zoo Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Kano State

Audu Bako zoo serves as a zoo and a relaxing picnic centre. It is well decorated with canopy trees that offer shade to the picnic ground. He can also have a great watch of the animals in the zoo.

13. Jalsa

Jasla is a restaurant in Kano. They offer a wide variety of local dishes and international dishes. The scenery is nice and welcoming to customers. They also serve ice cream hear too.


With the guide above you will know the right fun places to take your nephew to in Kano State. Just pick a location from above and take your nephew there for a fun-filled experience.

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