13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Adamawa State Nigeria

Planning on taking your nephew to Adamawa state Nigeria or whatever the reason maybe you will need to know fun places to take him while in the state so that your nephew would have a good time while in the state. Adamawa State has a lot to offer when it comes to places to visit and this article has brought thirteen of them to you.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Adamawa State Nigeria

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Adamawa State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Nephew to in Adamawa State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Sukur Cultural Landscape

This is one of Africa’s first cultural landscapes to receive a World Heritage Inscription. The place is super safe and your nephew is going to have a blast when he visits the place for the first time.  He is going to love seeing the huts and have fun exploring the area.

2. Yola Airport

This airport is located off Galadima Aminu Road, Jimeta in Adamawa State. Taking your nephew to the airport would be an educational and fun experience for him. In the airport, he will get to witness the procedures of taking a flight and what is needed to go on a flight.

3. Yola Federal High Court Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Adamawa State

If your nephew has an interest in becoming a lawyer then you can take him to the Federal High Court in the state. The high court is located at 9A Kashim Ibrahim Road, Jimeta, Yola. You can take them to the court so he can witness some of the ins and outs of court workings.

4. Wetland Park and Garden

Wetland park is a perfect spot to take your nephew if he is still a kid. The park is filled with rides that he is going to have fun on and the park also has an eatery so that when he gets hungry he can have a snack and then continue to have fun.

5. Gorilla Park Yola

This park is quite beautiful and your nephew would enjoy himself there. The park is filled with various features that would keep him entertained and he would be full of smiles until it is time to leave. Your nephew would definitely have a tale to tell his friends.

6. Lamido Palace Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Adamawa State

This is a place your nephew would definitely enjoy exploring. The lamido palace is open Monday to Friday for twenty-four hours. The palace is very beautiful and it also has a massive mosque attached to it also.

7. Emirate Museum

This museum is located in Yola and you can take your nephew there so that he can see some of the history and cultural artefacts of the people. The museum is good for children but keep an eye on them as you explore the museum.

8. Lamurde Hot Spring

This natural hot spring would wow your nephew, he would be so shocked to see that the spring is hot he would not want to miss such a wonder. The hot spring boils and the spring is always a hot year in and year out. If your nephew enjoys adventures, he would love this.

9. Kiri Dam Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Adamawa State

Visit Kiri dam with your nephew and have a fun time. You and your nephew can have a boat ride around the dam and explore the village that it is located in. if your nephew is an outdoorsy type then there would tons of things to keep him busy.

10. Fobminna Museum

Fobminna museum is a palace museum and it contains ethnographic and historical collections that reflect the history of Adamawa State. You and your nephew would have a wonderful touring the museum and seeing the history of the state.

11. Salti Delight

Well after all the fun, you and your nephew would have to eat and this restaurant is one of the best places to eat at in the state. The restaurant serves different kinds of dishes which include local and intercontinental dishes.

12. Jimeta Shopping Complex Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Adamawa State

Your nephew would definitely want to go shopping and you can take him to this shopping complex. You can get essentials from the complex and one of the best things about this shopping complex is that you can carry out all your shopping in one go.

13. Chicken Cottage

This is another restaurant or eatery you can take your nephew to. The both of you can chat and eat delicious food in the process. The restaurant serves various delicacies that your nephew would want to try.


Visiting these places is going to be both educational and fun for you and your nephew. These places are also perfect for the whole family and it is also a great opportunity to build the bond between families. Your nephew would definitely have fun and a great adventure when he visits these places.

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