13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Yobe State Nigeria

We can all agree that we love kids and we love to put smiles on their cute adorable faces. Well, if there’s one way I’m certain you can do that, it is by taking them out to relax and catch some fun. And Yobe state in Nigeria has fun places you can take your kids to.

Yobe Kids fun Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

Top 13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Yobe State

Kids need to relax and have fun to live healthy lives. Generally, everybody loves to have fun, so here are 13 fun places to take your kids in Yobe state, Nigeria:

1. Potiskum Emirate Council Palace:

Firstly is The Potiskum Emirate Palace. The Potiskum Emirate Palace is the home to the emir of Potiskum. It has a wonderful architectural design that would make your kids go “wow”. It also tells a lot about the culture and tradition of the people of Yobe.

2. Yobe State University:

Taking your kids to Yobe State University would be fun because then they get to see different people learning towards a particular profession. Hence, it could help them decide on a career path.

3. One of The Fun Places You can Take Your Kids to in Yobe State is The Dangona Birds’ Sanctuary:

Dangona birds’ sanctuary is located in Dagona village. It is where several species from Europe and other continents of the world come to roost during winter. It is a national park that you and your kids are sure going to want to visit.

4. Dufuna Canoe:

Dufuna canoe is the oldest canoe in Africa. It was discovered by the Fulani herdsmen in Dufuna while digging a well. Imagine getting to see the oldest canoe in Africa with your kids.

5. Old Daniski Settlement:

The Old Daniski settlement is located north of Fika and it used to be the administrative seat of the Bolewa people. This is a place you sure want to visit in Yobe state.

6. The Daura Old Settlement In Yobe Is Also A Fun Place You Can Take Your Kids To:

The Daura old settlement is located south of the Gogon-kuka office Damaturu Potiskum road in Fune local government area. This place is a historic attraction site located between three hills.

7. Goya Valley:

Goya valley is probably the deepest gorge valley in Nigeria. It is located in the northwest part of the old Daniski settlement in Fika local government area. You can take your kids to have fun here for a picnic.

8. Birnin Ngazargamu:

Birnin Ngazargamu is located in the east of Geidam, the headquarters of Geidam local government area.

9. What Better Place To Take Your Kids To Have Fun In Yobe Than Tuo-Tulowa:

Tuo-tulowa is also known as the desert of hope and is located in the Yusufari local government area of the Yobe state. It has a mushy oasis with abundant water in a low valley that can be used for swimming.

10. Waro Joint:

I am of the belief that your kids don’t always have to eat your homemade food. Take them out once in a while to eat outside. Waro joint is a very nice and affordable place to eat in Yobe state. I can also guarantee that your kids would have fun eating here.

11. S.Twinkles Restaurant:

S.Twinkles Restaurant offers the best quality when it comes to local dishes. It is a very nice and conducive environment for you and your kids to eat in Yobe state. They also offer delivery services.

12. Fika Town Is Another Place You Can Take Your Kids To In Yobe To Have Fun:

Fika town was founded in 1905 after they migrated from Daniski hill in search of a good place for settlement and is currently along Potiskum-Gombe road.

13. Bula Tura Oases, Nguru:

Lastly is the Bula Tura Oases. Bula Tura Oases is a dune in a semi-desert zone near Nguru. It has the aesthetically pleasing beauty of the unsettling landscape and the oases in the desert-prone areas.


Without further ado, I think it’s time to break the good news to your kids that you’re taking them out to have fun.

I hope this list has helped you stop the racking of your brain, thinking of fun places to take your kids. Now that the location is ready, all that is left is the money, kids and a road trip for you and your kids to have fun.

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