13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State Nigeria

The best way to have a memorable relationship with your kids is by touring places with them. In today’s piece, I would love to tell you about 13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State Nigeria.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State Nigeria

Rivers State is one of the 36 states of the federation with Port Harcourt as its capital. There are tons of fun places to visit and we have made out a list but not in any particular order.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Kids to in Rivers State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Rivers State Cultural Centre

Located in the capital of the state, Port Harcourt, the cultural centre is very popular amongst tourists. The cultural centre gives a feeling of the state’s locality as it presents a loss of culture as well as arts. Various activities are done there like stage shows, arts and crafts, traditional dressing, etc. It is definitely a fun place for families to visit.

2. Boli Street

Also known as Bole street, it is located in Port Harcourt and is very famous for its food festivities. It has gained both national ad international tourists because of its food awareness. They serve amazing food like barbecue, fried fish and other foods cooked with natural oil. Eating together as a family is one way of ensuring happy memories.

3. Port Harcourt Pleasure Park Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State

The park was opened to the public by the government in 2017 and has officially won the best family amusement park in the country. A park is an ideal place for fun for kids as well as adults. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and the night view is just like magic.

There are tons of activities that can be done at the park like tower climbing, train rides etc. You can also have a view of the few roaming animals.

4. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

The beach has amazing scenery and it is a great spot for relaxation, especially for families. Your children can have fun here like playing volleyball and hosting a little picnic. You can also join in building sand castles.

5. Port Harcourt Shopping Mall

You do not want to leave the state with your kids without visiting the port Harcourt shopping mall. While you can buy anything of your choice in the mall, you can also go window shopping, and play digital games with your kids. The mall also has a kids’ store and you all can join in the family festivals.

6. Asia Town Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State

The Asia town is a restaurant and an event complex located in Port Harcourt. They are well known for serving amazing, Thai, Indian and Chinese foods.

If you and your kids ever wanted to taste what Chinese foods are like, then this is your opportunity. Alongside serving good cuisines, they also host different functions like fashion shows and regularly celebrated anniversaries and birthdays.

7. Finima Beach

Located on Bonny island, the beach is well known amongst national and international tourists. There are tons of fun activities that can be done here like windsurfing, boating, swimming, and the list goes on.

8. Port Harcourt Zoo

What could be more fun than visiting the zoo with your kids? The Zoo was established by a military government in 1974 and officially became accessible to the public in 1975. It is considered one of Nigeria’s leading conservation centres. Meanwhile, there are lots of animals that can be found in the zoo like monkeys, tortoises, etc.

9. Ikuru Atlantic Beach Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State

This beach is said to be the longest wide sand beach in Nigeria and it is situated in Adoni local government area. Lots of water body activities can be carried out here and if you think it is too dangerous for the kids, you can always host a small picnic or build sand castles.

10. Finima Nature Park

Kids are always nature lovers which are why you should bring them to this park with its beautiful scenery. The park serves as host to different Bonny species of flora as well as fauna. In addition, there is a resource and visitors centre at the park’s eastern end.

11. Genesis Deluxe Cinema

The cinema is not too far from the amusement park in Port Harcourt, so it’s not a lot of hassle. Also, the complex has two cinemas and more than four movie rooms. Meanwhile, they also have a game lounge and a restaurant in the complex. Also, the kids can eat there and also play games after seeing a movie. Fun right?

12. Rivers State Museum Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Rivers State

While this place is not much fun, it will be good for the kids to learn a little. You could just drop by and spend a few minutes looking around the place with the kids. Also, there are artefacts and antiques about the different ethnic groups in the state and also a few depictions of their past lives.

13. TCK Family Park Rutaland

It is similar to the amusement park in Port Harcourt and it is found along Eneka road. There are lots of fun activities and facilities that are in place in the park. The park comes with a wellness club, train rides, play stations, as well as flying chairs. While your kids will enjoy the park so much, you also will not be left out as you can indulge in some of the activities.


We have managed to narrow down some amazingly fun places that you can visit with your kids. You will however need money to access some of these places and also a camera to take beautiful pictures with.

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