13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Nasarawa State Nigeria

Nasarawa state today has so many fun places that you can take kids and surely, they will be happy with you. Yeah, in this article you’re going to see so many fun places that your kids will love to go to.

Nasarawa Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

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Best Fun Places That You Can Take Your Kids To in Nasarawa State 

Here is the part of the article that will give you the places your kids will love to go. Ranging from lakes to waterfalls to hills etc.

1. Farin Ruwa Falls is One Of Those Fun Places To Take Your Kids in Nasarawa State

Farin Ruwa which is white waters in the Hausa language is one beautiful place to be with you like once in a while. This place is located in Wamba Local Government Area, about 120 kilometres away from Lafia, the State Capital. This is one big fun place to be with your kids

2. Karu Waterfalls 

Hidden between the beautiful mountain in Karu are the four Karu waterfallsLocated along Abuja Keffi Road in New Karu, Nasarawa State. Also, the Karu waterfall is an awesome outdoor spot for Our kids and an ideal hiking destination and picnic spot for our kids and family

3. Maloney Hill

This is one of the most prominent hills in Nigeria today. This place is one place where your children get to interact with nature. Also, it is located at RVVC+WWC, Directly behind the Palace of the Emir, Abdul Zanga Road, Keffi, Nassarawa State, Keffi

4. Peperuwa Lake

Located at HVX2+P27, 950102, Assaikio lies a wonderful lake that brings tourists from all over the world to this place. This place they are so many things that kids can do here like swimming, boat riding etc.

5. Oku Akpa Rock and Picnic Centre

This rock formation along the Nasarawa village is suitable for picnicking, mountaineering, hunting, bird watching etc. Also, this place is good for your kids because is one fun place to be. It is located along the Nasarawa village in Udege Loko road in Nasarawa local government area.

6. Ara Rock is One Of Those Fun Places To Take Your Kids in Nasarawa State

Ara rock is located at Ara town about 12km away from Nasarawa town and 220km away from the state capital, Lafia. However, this is one of those fun places in Nasawara state Your kids can experience nature.

7. Akiri Warm Spring

This wonderful soring that does the unbelievable is located at Awe local government area. This particular spring gets warmer as the weather gets cooler this one fun place for kids is supposed to be. Also, it is known for its healing powers

8. Doma Dam

located about 6km from Doma town.  Doma Dam is a man-made dam which was made for agricultural irrigation. This place fishing is allowed here which is one fun thing your kids will love.

9.  Akiri Salt Village

located in Awe local government area and about 145km away from Lafia, Akiri village is another salt village in the state where local salt miners use spring water for salt processing. This place will be nice for your children to go to.

10. Eggon Hills

This is one wonderful place that your Kids need to be and experience nature and its beauty. It is located at Jos Rd, 960168. One fun place to be with your kids.

11. Kini Country Guest Inn

This is one big hotel that can give you a life of luxury that your kid dreams of. However, it is located at HoJos Road, P.O Box 26, Akwangawever. Lastly, here is the link to the official site 

12. Nasarawa Kitchen

This is one good restaurant that cooks mouth-watering food that your kids will love. Your kids have to try out their food because they will love it. Also, it is located at 962101, Nasarawa.

13. Goshen Guest House is One Of Those Fun Places To Take Your Kids in Nasarawa State

In Goshen City – KM 26 Abuja- Keffi Road, Auta, Nasarawa lies a beautiful guest house that our kids will love. Here they will have all the comfortable feel they deserve. Also here is the official website.

Take Away on 13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Nasarawa State 

Nasarawa state is one state that is known for its beautiful landmarks. It is also a place that will make your children understand nature and its beauty. So now it is in Your Hands to visit them with your kids

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