13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kaduna State Nigeria

I know most people will be wondering if am to be in Kaduna where are the fun places I can take my kids? No need for thinking because in this article you will see different fun places in Kaduna state ranging from restaurants to hotels, etc.

Kaduna Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

Here in this part of the article, I present to you;

13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kaduna State Nigeria

Here in this part of this article, you see those places where when you take your kids your kids will shower you with appreciation from the bottom of their hearts. here are those Fun places

1. Kajuru Castle is One of Those Fun Places for your Kids in Kaduna State

This gorgeous architectural masterpiece with a breathtaking ambience is set upon elevated peaks with staggering views. However, this castle was a luxury villa, built between the years 1981 and 1989, in a village in southern Kaduna.

Also, It was built by a German expatriate in Nigeria, living in Kaduna at the time. However, this is one of those your kids will love to be. It was also built between 1981 and 1989, at Kajuru (Ajure) village in southern Kaduna State. Also, it was created by a German expatriate in Nigeria, living in Kaduna at the time.

It is located at Kajuru St., Kaduna 800251 Nigeria

2. Smart Care Massage

I know you have been looking for where you can get a spa in Kaduna. well, don’t stress yourself again. In this place, they offer professional massage services. This is both for you and your kids. Since they are fully loaded with therapists that are highly skilled and experienced in the field of massage therapy.

It is located at  38 Yakubu Ave, Off Alkali Road, 745601, check out their Facebook page

3. Gen. Hassan U. Katsina House

This place mainly teaches your kids about history. Yeah, because it was used in the wake of independence to accommodate prime ministers. I know that your kids will be happy to be here itis located at Badarawa 800283, Kaduna, Nigeria

4.Kidzmania Play Zone

This is one place that is mainly created to have fun. Yeah, this place consists of swings and also playgrounds. Your kids will surely enjoy this place. It is located at churches park No 11b sambo road close to Luggard hall Kaduna.

5. Sultan Bello Masjid

This is known as the largest mosque in Kaduna state. your kids will be happy because it will give them this religious vibe. Here in this place, they will learn how to be closer to their creator. it is located at 1 Sultan Bello Rd, Ungwan Sarki Muslimi 800282, Kaduna.

6. Dupanah World Of Beauty Spa is One of Those Fun Places for your Kids in Kaduna State

This is a spa that is known for its serene and private environment for relaxation we offer the best type of massage, facials, laser treatment, stretch mark removal, and body treatment. This place is surely fun for your kids. it is located at  5 Mambila Cl, Malali 234062, Kaduna.

7. Maima Mia Restaurant

This one nice restaurant will keep your saliva dripping from your mouth. However, am very sure that your children will undoubtedly be happy if they come to this place. It is located at 2 Danja Road, Off Katuru Rd, Ungwan Sarki Muslimi, Kaduna.

8. Byblos Restaurant, Abakwa

I am pretty sure your kids will love this. Also,  this restaurant is one of those places where you get to taste one of those mouth-watering meals that your kids will love to try out It is located at 2 Waziri Ibrahim Cres, City Centre 800283, Kaduna

9. Rift Valley Grill House

In the streets of  No 4 Ali Akilu Road, City Centre 800283 of Kaduna state unveiled one of those mouth-watering places where will live your kids with satisfaction and happiness in your hearts this is really one fun place to be with your kids.

10. 5eleven Bistro

At Isa Kaita Road, Ungwan Sarki Muslimi 800283, Kaduna lies a wonderful restaurant with mouth-watering features. that will make your kids smile. Shocking, they make good and enticing meals ranging from pasta to rice and the other deashes all is very enticing.

11. The Courtyard Restaurant

This is one 5-star restaurant that is located at 16 Galadima Road, Off Alkali Road, Kaduna. In this place, they will treat you and your kids as royalties that they are. There is a place that gives you everything that talks about everything luxury in dishes. Here is one Fun place for your children in Kaduna state.

12. Rift Valley Grill House

If you want to lift up the spirit of your kids with grilled food here is the main spot. Also, here they prepare good meals and also good meals that will leave your kids in mouth-watering situations. However, it is located at 4 Ali Akilu Road, City Centre 800283, Kaduna.

13. Shifu Restaurant and Lounge is One of Those Fun Places for your Kids in Kaduna State

This is one big fun centre for your kids to come and enjoy themselves. Yeah, because in this place they are known for dishing out amazing dishes that taste just outside the world. This is one of those fun places your Kids are opposed to being in Kaduna state.

Take Away on 13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Kaduna State

yea these places have proven their sleeves to be the best fun places to take your kids to in Kaduna state. Yeah for me I feel that the 13 is currently Top notch. Since this place is the main definition of fun itself.

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