17 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Jigawa State Nigeria

We can all agree on one thing and that is: Kids love to play and have fun. Jigawa state has a lot of fun places you can take your kids to. But this article is only here to mention a few and make sure you take your kids to the best of places in Jigawa state.

Jigawa Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

Top 17 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Jigawa State

If you’re worried about where to take your kids to have fun, worry no more! Everyone loves to have fun and Jigawa state has tons and tons of fun places you can take your kids to. Here are 17 fun places in Jigawa state, Nigeria;

1. Shawarma & Co

What better place to take your kids to than to eat shawarma? You don’t always have to bore your kids with vegetables and local dishes and that’s exactly why this place exists. Go with your kids and have shawarma or two.

2. Emir of Dutse Palace

Although Jigawa has a total of 5 emirates, I specifically recommend the Emir of Dutse’s Palace. This is a recommendation due to the architectural designs. The patterns on the walls are enough to wow the kids.

3. One Fun Place You can Take Your Kids to in Jigawa is Birnin Kudu Rock Paintings

This is a tourist attraction site in Jigawa. The rock paintings here are absolutely beautiful. An excellent sight to see that would get your kids saying ‘”wow”. There are various animal paintings on it as well as geometric signs.

4. Baturiya Bird Sanctuary

Baturiyah  Bird Sanctuary is located within the Hadejia wetlands. It houses over three hundred and seventy-eight species of birds mostly from Europe. There are some birds that can only be found here in the whole of Nigeria.

5. Hasinah Confectionery and Restaurant

A confectionery and a restaurant? You get to eat a 3-course meal and still eat dessert, isn’t that amazing? dessert is a kid’s favourite part of dinner or lunch. This place is sure to excite your kids.

6. The Dutse International Airport is a Fun Place for Your Kids

This airport was commissioned in 2014. You can take your kids here for sightseeing. They would most definitely enjoy watching the aeroplanes fly in and fly out. The architectural design of the airport is enough to wow them.

7. Mama’s Delight

When you hear Mama’s Delight, you can’t deny that the first thing that crossed your mind is homemade cooking. Well, you’re not wrong! If perhaps as a mother, you’re too tired to cook or you want your children to taste something else then this place is for you.

It is your one-stop for homemade cooking in Jigawa. When you eat here, it’s like a home away from home.

8. Wawan Rafi Resort

This place is situated in Kazaure and it has a very pleasing and peaceful environment. You can take your kids here for activities like fishing, boating, etc. It even has a golf course and offers other recreational activities.

9. Your Kids are Sure to Have Fun at Dutse Rock Range

The huge rocks at Dutse Rock Range would surely fascinate your kids. You can also get rock climbing gear for you and your kids; that is another way to have fun at Dutse Rock Range in Dutse, Jigawa.

10. Gwaram Forest Reserve

Gwaram forest reserve is one of the reserves created by the government to preserve the forest and wildlife.

11. Yahuza Suya Spot

Lastly is the Yahuza Suya Spot. We all know that the North is the original home of suyas. Now imagine a suya spot in the North, I know right? This is one place you must absolutely take your kids to.

12. Tomb of Captain Philips

This place is also a tourist attraction site and is located in Hadejia. It is the gravesite of Captain Philips, the assistant resident officer and leader of the British imperial troops that invaded Hadejia in 1906.

13. What Other Fun Place to Take Your Kids to than Jigawa Park

I mean really what other fun place can you possibly take your kids to than the park? They have swings and slides and merry-go-rounds and a lot to keep your kids entertained. They also have where you can get food to eat.


You definitely should visit at least three of these places if not all. And if you are ever in Jigawa state with your kids, you should take them to at least one of these places to have fun.

If perhaps you’re looking to spoil your children with lots of fun and enjoyment, and you don’t know anywhere in Jigawa state to take them, look no further because this list is specially made for you. Have fun with your kids!

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