13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Delta State Nigeria | No. 11’s a Must Visit

There are lots of places you can take your kids to have fun in Delta State. So, all you have to do is to make the right choice. And, yes you are in the right place to get to know the available fun places for kids in the state.

Delta Kids Fun Places to Vist; Top 13 Places

Delta State is known as the big heart and it is a state with so many blessings. Also. It is sure to say anyone who is new to the state will surely enjoy his or her stay because there are lots of fun places to visit.

Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Delta State 

Here is the list of fun-filled places you can take your kids to in the delta state. And, they include:

1. WonderCity Indoor Play Centre

This is one of those amazing fun places your kids will love to be in Delta State.e Also, in this play centre, there are lots of fun activities your kids can take part in to enjoy their stay.

2. Falcorp Mangrove Park

Falcorp mangrove park is one of the amazing places to be where you get to see nature in full like watching the animals. It is a fun and exciting experience your kids will really enjoy.

3. Otuogu Beach is One of the Places in Delta State Where Your Kids will have Fun

For those who are lovers of having so much fun on the beach, this beach in Asaba in here for you. So, you can decide to have a family hangout with your kids at Otuogu beach in Delta State.

4. Dallas Leisure World

They have such a very nice kids’ environment, no child will dislike this place because there are lots of outdoor recreational activities for them. So, consider taking your kids to this place to have fun.

5. Beautiful Gate Celebration

If you are looking for a nice spot to hand out with the kids you can try out this amusement park in Warri. So, you can give your kids the best fun for the day.

6. Nelson Mandela Gardens is Among the places in Delta State that Assure Kids lots of Fun

This is also among the places you can take your kids to have lots of fun at Asaba in Delta State. Moreover, the garden has a lot of swings, trampolines and others to enable your kids to have fun.

7. McCarthy beach, Abraka

Your kids getting to this beach, the wonderful water colour will first be a surprise to her. And, this is because it is a very popular beach with a beautiful environment in Delta State.

8. Lavigour Amusement Park, Effurun

Lavigour amusement park offers a great service for kids to enjoy their day with so much fun. And, there are lots of play items that will give your kids the best treatment they deserve.

9. One of the Fun Places  to Take Your Kids to in Delta State is Park Vega Waterpark

The funny thing about park Vegas is that they bring out the child in you even as an adult. So, taking your kids to this place will be much fun for them from the treats to the water slides, also it is in Agbor.

10. Imperial Gameville

Imperial Gameville is more like one of the best places for kids to have fun in Delta State. They have lots of indoor fun services for kids and even have a cinema to watch good movies too.

11. Abraka Turf and Country Club

Furthermore, there is a unique turf and country club your kids will love to be in Abraka, Delta state. Also, they offer lots of recreational activities like bike racing, horse riding and so many other fun-filled activities.

12. Shoprite is Among the places to have Fun with Your Kids in Delta State

There are two Shoprites in Delta state, one is in Warri and the other is at Asaba. So, you can choose to take your kids to the one that is closer to you because there are lots of fun-filled activities there.

13. Rufes Amusement Park

In Rufes Amusement park, they render good services when it comes to kids having fun. So, here every child tends to enjoy and play to their satisfaction because there are lots to try out.


Children deserve to be shown much love and care, and one of the ways to achieve that is by taking them out. So, if you take your kids to fun places they will really appreciate you because they love taking part in things that will amuse and excite them.

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