4 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Delta state | No. 2’s a Must Visit

There are a lot of fun places in delta state that you can take your girlfriend to. These places are what makes delta state one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria. These places are great spots for you and your girlfriend to share your love and other feelings you have. Well, it shows how much you really care for your lady when you take her out.

4 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Delta State

Taking your girlfriend out to fun places in delta state is an awesome experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Especially if it is your first outing, you wouldn’t want to be disappointed. So also is your lady. So, it’s good you do a little bit of research.

Amazingly, you came to the right place. here, I will be listing quite a few of them that I considered the best.

Best Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Delta State

What you will get here are the top Fun and exciting Places to Take Your Girlfriend to in Delta State to spend quality time together. Delta State is one of the oil-rich states in Nigeria. No doubt is one of the most beautiful in the country.

There are so much interesting places in the state and I would be listing a few but they are of the best. The state is well endowed to the extent that so much is taken for tourist attraction. Visitors come from outside of the country to behold this nice state. So, here are some of the Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Delta State

1 – Golden Tulip Hotel

Words can’t describe the artistic nature of this structure. Everything is well put in place. not just because it’s a 4-star hotel. Apart from its good hospitality, and other things a hotel has to offer. Things like restaurants, bars, clubs, and so on.

It also houses the Silverbird Cinema. so, you could just pay a visit to the Golden Tulip Hotel for the fact because you really want to watch a movie with your girlfriend.

Other Fun Locations to Take Your GirlFriend to

2 – Otuogu Beach

If you are a lover of beaches, then you shouldn’t miss this. It is really one of the places you need to pay a visit. With warm weather and a clear atmosphere, chilling on the beach with your lady is quite awesome. It is great fun to be in a place like a beach.

There are lots of games to play, varieties of food to eat, and so on. You can as well swim in the waters. be careful, it is the River Niger.

More Locations to Take Your Girlfriend in Delta State

3 – Abraka Turf and Country Club

If you haven’t been to a country club, here is a great one. It is among the Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Delta State. It hosts the international polo tournament within the Easter period. It’s fun at that time. The club has more than a few villas at its site.

So, spending the weekend with your girlfriend in one of them would be fun. Besides, you both can get a breath of fresh air along the forest path instead of riding horses.

4 – Kwale Game reserve

The game reserve is so covered with rainforest vegetation and swamps. It is a beautiful place to behold. Always watching all those river creatures on the TV. In the kwale game reserve, you get to see them live and direct. It is one of the top reserves you can find in the state. Besides, taking your girlfriend out to see some crocs. Wouldn’t it be fun?

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