13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State Nigeria

Follow up with this article to know the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State Going on vacations with your best friend is good therapy for your friendship. You will find this article useful if your vacation would be in Ondo State.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State

Equally important, is going for picnics, going for ice cream or a road trip with your best friend in Ondo State, Nigeria. To have a successful fun day, you need fun places.

The guide list below will help you figure out fun places in Ondo State. Likewise, the guide list will provide some details of the locations disclosed.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Best Friend to in Ondo State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Idanre Hills

The Idanre hills are located at Idanre LGA, Ondo State. Idanre hills are beautiful with awesome landscapes. It has a stairway of 667 and 5 resting points. The points are set apart at about 100m each.

Visitors to Idanre Hills often go there for climbing. This is because of the excitement that climbing brings. Others, like some tourists and adventurers, go there for history. Notwithstanding, hiking may also be one reason. When you take your best friend to this hill, go along with your claiming gear, shorts, slippers, and first aid box.

2. Cave of Ashes Isarun

This cave of Ashes Isarun is a historic site. This was where the first man on West African soil was discovered. It is notable to note that this cave played a significant role in the documentation of the archaeological history of the West Africans.

Have fun with your best friend when you visit this place. Take selfies with whatever you see. It is advisable to always go with a friend when you visit the Cave of Ashes.

3. O2 Base Arena Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State

O2 Base Arena is a lounge in the Akure shopping mall. The wonderful thing about this place that made it distinct from other lounges is an intimate VIP Lounge, rich panelling, and plush leather booths. Aside from your best friend and camera, always go with enough cash and a debit alert card.

4. FilmHouse Cinema

Fimhouse Cinema at Akure setting is luxurious. The movie quality is great with good sound. There is absolutely nothing better than popcorn in your hands, pairs of 3D glasses, a drink, and more importantly your best friend.

5. Owo Museum Of Antiquities

Owo Museum of Antiquities is a site for tourism. This Museum has preserved Yoruba history. Likewise, the Antiquities is a link between the past and the present.

6. Igbo Olodumare Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State

Igbo Olodumare is located in Ondo State. It has preserved the culture of the Igbo. Hence it is called a cultural heritage site. You will need things like, a water can to store water inside in case you get thirsty. A camera or a smartphone for pictures. Also sunscreens.

7. EFYx Health Club and Spa

For relaxation and unwinding. The scenery brings you comfort and pampering. Going to the Spa with your best friend is fun and relaxes the mind.

8. Akure Township Stadium

Akure stadium is a large stadium with 1000 seating capacitors. A lot of sports are played in the stadium. View the one you will both enjoy and have the most fun with.

9. Smokin Hills Golf Resort Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State

You can take your best friend to Smokin Hills Golf Resort to unwind from stress. It is an international golf course.

10. Akure Forest Reserve

The Akure forest reserve is a green environment with a beautiful view. It’s perfect for visitors to go around it for fun. It is perfect for historians and tourists. It is mostly perfect for best friends’ hang-out locations.

11. Akure Airport

The visitors that popularly frequent this airport are travellers. It is built for travellers. On the other hand, you can take your best friend to Akure Airport for sightseeing. Experience the view of the airport together. Watch travellers as they go about and see the planes taking off.

12. Tantalizers Akure Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ondo State

What other best way to have fun than eating good delicious meals? At tantalizers, they offer great food at this eatery.

13. The Grail Center

Grail Center in Akure was built for the expansion of the doctrines of the grail movement. The grail movement has a doctrine of the grail messages. It is in over 30 locations in Nigeria. While in Africa, the movement is present in over 50 countries.

This Grail movement originated in Germany in the 1940s (late). Oskar Ernst Bernhardt inspired this movement. The Grail centre is commonly visited by the adherents of the Grail movement and humanists. Feel free to explore this place with your best friend.

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