13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State Nigeria

With the help of this post, you would know some Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State. Jigawa State has lots of fun states where you can visit with your best friend.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State

Your best friend can be your adventure partner. Someone you can have fun with freely. Someone who is ready to go out with you to new places. And explore as well as have fun with you. There are lots of activities you can engage in with your best friend in Jigawa State.

These activities include:

  • To climb trees in your loc area. Somewhere you haven’t been to before.
  • Book a SPA day together.
  • Go for your favourite movies.
  • Go for picnics.
  • Go camping and have lots more fun.

It is important to note that, fun is not limited to a particular activity. You can decide to try out new things and places with your best friend. Create lovely and wonderful memories in these places.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Best Friend to in Jigawa State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Birnin Kudu Rock Paintings

Birnin Kudu rock paintings is a place of historical significance. It is frequently visited by students, photographers, tourists, artists and others.

It’s advisable to go along with your camera or smartphone to capture these beautiful paintings on the rock. The rock is said to have proven some sort of civilization in the northern part of Nigeria.

You can learn more about these paintings while you go on a fun-filled adventure with your best friend to this place.

2. Dutse Rock Range

A tourism attraction centre. Your day can never go wrong when you go on adventures in this kind of place with your best friend.

3. Amaryawa Rock Range Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State

Jigawa State has lots of rock formations. You enjoy maximum fun by climbing on these rocks.

4. Baturiya Bed Sanctuary

Wildlife conservation sites have beautiful scenery. Over here at Baturiya Bed Sanctuary, wildlife can come and go as they see fit. This is because they are not captured over here.

A vast number of visitors frequent this place a lot. And it’s a tourist location of international significance.

5. Wawan Rafi Lake Kazaure

The most visited lake. It’s known to be a lake that never dries up. Its view is extraordinary and it’s perfect for best friend goals pictures.

6. Maigatari Boader Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State

Maigatari border is a town with a very large market. Major trading of horses, camel, cattle, and livestock occurs in this market.

7. Dutes International Airport

This airport is one of the most beautiful modern airports in Nigeria.  Everything about Dutse International Airport is like a masterpiece.

8. Hedijia Wetland

The geography and ecology of this wetland are top-notch. So many species of plants and animals are conserved in this wetland.

Hedijia wetland is a good place to visit where you can have fun with your best friend.  Understand ecology very well. Learn about new species and importantly, create memories in Hedijia wetland.

9. Garki Hotel Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State

Garki hotel has lots of branches but its headquarters is in Jigawa State.

10. Gwaram Forest Reserve

Nature is beautiful. Here, are thick forests with different species of trees, plants, and animals. It’s a safe location to visit for camping with your best friend. You can do a bit of your in the forest reserve. Climb trees, and learn about new things.

11. Captain Phillips Tomb

This is the tomb of Captain Phillip. He was an Assistant Resident Officer and Leader of the British Imperial troops. They invaded and occupied Hadijia in 1906, as part of the British conquest of northern Nigeria.

This tomb was built for him after he died from injuries he sustained during the war. He died on September 12 1906. The history behind the tomb is so exciting to learn about. This is why you should visit this place with your friend.

12. Emir’s Palaces Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Jigawa State

The Emir’s palaces in Jigawa state are up to 5. They are located in Hadijia, Dutse, Gumel, Kazaure, and Ringim.

All 5 are good for visitation because of their unique architectural designs.

13. Harbor Village, Fishing Village

Fishing is fun. Sitting alongside the rivers while waiting for the trap they catch the fish and at the same time have a good conversation with their best friend. After fishing, you can prepare a barbecue night with cold beers to enjoy the evening breeze.

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