13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State Nigeria

It is always fun to visit places with your best friend knowing it will bring find memories along with it. If you are located in Ekiti state or you probably want to tour the state with your best friend, then this article has been written for you. We will be informing you about 13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State Nigeria.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State Nigeria

Ekiti is located in the southwest region of Nigeria and it officially became a state on 1 October 1966. The state has a lot of amazing tours that you can visit and would love but we have handpicked a few for you to save you the stress.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Best Friend to in Ekiti State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Ikogosi Warm Spring

It is no doubt this is number one on our list as it is quite popular in Ekiti state. The spring is located in Ikogosi and it is one of the most popular tourist centres in the state. A cold spring flows beside the warm spring and they meet at a confluence while each of them maintains their thermal properties.

Meanwhile, nature lovers love to visit the spring, so if you and your best friend are one, it could be your destination.

2. Ikere-Ekiti Hills

There is a town in Ekiti called Ikere, renowned for its hills. Some of the most famous hills like Orole hills, Olosunta rock as well as Ugele hill rests in the town.

The Ugele hill is beside the Olosunta rock and it houses a cave that holds more than 1,000 people. Also, in times past, the cave was used as a traditional wrestling place. People who also sought refuge from war used it as shelter centuries ago.

3. Fajuyi Memorial Park Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State

The park can be found in the capital of the state, Ado-Ekiti. It was built in memory of the former military governor of the western region, the late Col. Adekunle Fajuyi. People who have an interest in researching the soldier’s heroic acts find their way to the park as it is a final resting place for him.

The park is a tourist attraction as it has a game arcade, a fountain, as well a playground for children. It is also equipped with archival and a lot more.

4. Arinta Waterfalls

The waterfall is about a 10-15 minute drive to Ikogosi warm water spring. It is one of the many beautiful places owned by Ekiti state. Ipole-Iloro town is where the waterfall is located. Arinta waterfalls have seven step-like falls and it is also surrounded by mini rocks.

5. Ewi’s Palace

This place is situated in Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti state. The palace is a good example of a traditional architectural edifice as it gives all tourists/visitors the freedom to learn about Ekiti’s traditional values. There are a large number of historical artefacts which relates to the establishment of Ekiti state that can be found in the palace. It is like a mini museum.

6. Ero Dam and Lake Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State

The dam is situated in Ikun Ekiti and it is about 11km. The dam is responsible for supplying drinkable water to some local government areas of the state. The Ero lake can also be used for fishing. Indigenes of the town, neighbours and also the Hausas fish on the lake. Fishermen make use of boats, local canoes as well as speedboats to fish.

7. Osun River Source

The situation of the source of Osun River is Igbede Ekiti in Ifelodun/Irepodun local government area. Before getting to Osun, the river passes through Igbede Ekiti to Ijero and also moves through Ikoro Okemesi Ekiti road.

Also, the people of Osogbo in Osun state worship the river as a goddess with the ability to heal infertility and give children. They use a fun fair festival for their worship ceremonies.

8. Esa Cave

The cave is located in Iyin Ekiti. The cave can host about thirty-four thousand people at a time. During the time of war in Yoruba land, it is the beloved that the cave served as a source of refuge for the people.

9. Godfather Restaurant and Bar Can be One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State

Godfather is a renowned restaurant in the heart of Ado Ekiti. Its well-served Nigerian dishes like fish pepper soup are one of the reasons for its popularity. The restaurant has a live band feature every weekend to help guests cool off while they eat and have assortments of drinks.

10. Pathfinder Hotel

Also known as a holiday inn, the Pathfinder Hotel is a new establishment in Ado Ekiti. The hotel has good features like well-equipped and good air-conditioned rooms, good stable TV connections, a guest hair salon, a swimming pool, as well as a pharmacy. Meanwhile, the hotel’s interior is beautiful and very well-decorated.

It has a cyber café, a bar as well as a restaurant where both in-house and outside guests are able to enjoy a range of African and also international dishes.

11. Orole Hills

This is another beautiful sight in Ado Ekiti, located in Ikere. The hill stands erect and it buries its other end on the ground, taking the position of an egg. The hill is a good spot for picnicking, sightseeing as well as mountaineering as it has been said to be the tallest in the Ondo/Ekiti axis.

Also. the mythology behind the hill is that it was formerly worshipped as a woman and still is as a goddess of prosperity in the town.

12. Hillmat Hotels Can be Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Ekiti State

This is one of the fine places that you can lay your head at rest or go to for a regular visit. The hotel has 44 well-furnished appointment rooms in standard rooms, standard executive rooms, executive double rooms, and the list goes on. Also, its presidential Royal suite has a Jacuzzi. The hotel offers a clubhouse, a bush bar, laundry and a restaurant.

13. Egbigbu Artificial Lake

The source of the lake is three springs and they are; Ayedu, Igborogboro as well as Oloke Aere. The lake is located at Ayetoro, Ekiti. The three springs come together to form a mini lagoon. Also, the lake provides a calm and beautiful scenery and has various aquatic life in it like the reptile, catfish and shellfish.

It has a guesthouse with a bar and a restaurant and it is ideal for fishing as well s boating. It is a great spot for relaxation.


While these are not all the places to be visited, we have listed out some of the best places for you. They have good relaxation spots and also beautiful scenery as well as educative information. These carefully hand-listed places are where you can visit with your best friend for a fun time.

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