13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Benue State Nigeria

The state has been nicknamed, “the food basket of the Nation”, for its famous farming activities. The people of this state are also friendly to visitors. Benue State has experienced some growth over the years and like any other state in Nigeria, the residents have put together Fun Places you can visit and also take your Best Friend.

Benue Best Friend Fun Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Benue State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Best Friend to in Benue State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Tito Gate

Tito Gate is one of the most standing chains of restaurants in Makurdi. They serve the most popular sweetened and unsweetened yoghurt (Tito yoghurt) and other local delicacies, and pastries and most of all their popular. They also offer takeouts and drive-through services, if you don’t want to dine in.

2. Star Shawarma

Talk of the best Shawarma in Makurdi and you’ve Star Shawarma on that one. Interestingly they also serve other local delicacies you should check out, their pizza and smoothies are top-notch. Taking your Best Friend to this Place in Benue State will certainly be Fun.

3. Makurdi Zoological Garden is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Benue State

Nothing can go wrong with you taking your Husband sightseeing in this zoo in Makurdi. The environment is calm and quiet except for the sounds of animals, you can also relax, take pictures and hold picnics with your Best Friend.

4. Mkar Hills

This place is frequented by nature lovers who like having Fun on hills. You can chill, have a picnic or hang out, feel the change in temperature, and enjoy the view of the town from a different height.

5. Ace of Spade

This place literally bubbles at night, as people trope in all through the evening tonight, the dance floor is always open and the waiters/waitresses are always at your service. And even if your Best Friend is not one for nightlife, he/she can enjoy a good barbecue and drinks at this place in Makurdi, Benue state.

6. Hotspot Cafe is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Benue State

Hotspot cafe is one of the most Fun Places to take your Best Friend in Benue State. The food there is moderately nice but the company of other young people is everything. From people enjoying their meals and drinks to talking and meeting new people, and getting entertained, Hotspot actually is a hot spot.   

7. City Bay Park

You can’t be in Makurdi and not notice City bay Park. With its location in the heart of the town, finding your way there is usually very easy. This Place houses an outdoor restaurant, event centre, kiddies park and stores. It’s one of the Places your Best Friend will definitely have fun visiting.

8. Bays Garden Hotels

You’ll always see young people coming in and out of this place and you may be wondering since from the outside, it’s just a gigantic building with accommodations for its guests. But you can take your Best Friend there for an evening hangout and you’ll be surprised at how entertaining the Place is.

9. River Benue is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Benue State

Everyone at some point has read or heard about the famous River Benue, but most likely hasn’t had the opportunity to visit the place. And if your Best Friend is in that category, you’ve found the perfect place to take her in Benue State. He/she will also have a lot of activities to do like boating, fishing and sightseeing.

10. Exodus Cinema

Taking your Best Friend out to have Fun in Exodus Cinema in Benue State can never go wrong. Just make yourself pick out his/her favourite movie genre, buy enough popcorn before you get in and maybe throw in some ice cream or drinks and you’ll surely see that big smile at the end of the day.

11. Benue Hotels and Resort

You won’t believe this Place has a mini zoo, with all the Fun filled activities this place offers, you can’t miss out on taking your Best Friend there while he/she is in Benue State. The hotel is very welcoming, it’s also suitable for holidays or weekend getaways at an affordable price.

12. Smile View Hotel is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Benue State

Smile View Hotel is a Fun place to take your Best Friend To Benue State for swimming, relaxation and entertainment outside the chaos of Makurdi town. The environment is serene and ideal for people who don’t appreciate noisy places.

13. Art City Cafe and Grill 3

This is by far one of the most Fun Places your Best Friend will visit in Benue State. Their intercontinental and local dishes are really great and they also have an outdoor bar where you can relax and have drinks or barbecued meat.


In conclusion, we’ve kept our end of the deal, 13 Fun Places to take your Best Friend in Benue State, make sure you keep your end and keep your friend happy as long as he/she is within the state.

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