Full List of Courses You can Study Without Mathematics in Nigeria

This article contains a full list of courses you can study without mathematics in Nigeria. It is no news that mathematics is not one of the subjects most students want to read or study. If you plan to avoid mathematics in JAMB, then you are bound to study one of these courses that do not require mathematics in JAMB.

Full List of Courses You can Study Without Mathematics in JAMB/WAEC

NOTE: Candidates that wish to study any of the courses listed on this article should ensure they make enquiries about in the University they want to attend. You can also visit the University of your choice official website to get details regarding the O'Level requirements of of any of the couse youve selected to study from the list below.

Table of Contents

Full List of Courses You can Study Without Mathematics in Nigeria

1. Population Studies.

2. Geography.

3.  Geography and Environmental Management.

4. Meteorology.

5. Geography and Regional Planning.

6. Geography and Planning.

7. Library Science.

8. Library and Information Science.

9. Mass communication.

10. Media and Communication Studies.

11. Film and Video Studies.

12. Policy and Strategic Studies.

13. Policy and administrative studies.

14. Social Justice.

15. Hospitality and Tourism.

16. Environmental protection and resources management.

17. Political science.

18. Public Administration.

19. Sociology.

20. Intelligence and security studies.

21. Sociology and Anthropology.

22. Religious studies.

23. Philosophy.

24. Psychology.

25. Peace and Conflict Studies.

26. Archaeology.

27.French and International Relations.

28. Linguistics/Yoruba.

29. African and Asian Studies.

30. French with German/Russian.



33. Arabic Studies.

34. Geography and Environmental Studies.

35. Literature in English.

36. Arabic Language and literature.

37. German.

38. Arabic and Islamic Studies.

39. Hausa.

40. Modern European Languages.

41.  Theatre Arts.

42. History.

43. Modern Language and Translation.

44. Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies.

45. History and Archaeology.

46. Music.

47. Christian Studies.

48. History/International Studies.

49. Philosophy.

50. Classical Studies.

51. History and Diplomacy.

52. Philosophy and Religious Studies.

53. Communication Arts.

54. History and Diplomatic Studies.

55. Political Science and Conflict Resolution.

56. Communication and Language Arts.

57. History and Strategic Studies.

58. Psychology and Human Development.

59. Comparative Religious Studies.

60. History and Political Science.

61. Russain with French/German.

62. Counseling29 and Psychology.

63. Igbo.

64. Portuguese.

65. Creative Arts.

66. Igbo/Linguistics.


68. Drama/Dramatic Arts/Performing Arts/Theatre Arts.

69. International Studies and Diplomacy.

70. Religious Studies.

71. Efik-Ibibio.

72. International and Comparative Politics.

73. Religion and Philosophy.

74. English Language.

75. Islamic Studies.

76. Religious Studies/Theology.

77. English Language and Literature.

78. Kanuri.

79. Religion and Science.

80. English Studies.

81. Kiswahili.

82. Sociology.

83. English and Literary Studies.

84. Languages.

85. Theology.

86. English and International Studies.

87. Languages Arts.

88. Yoruba and Communication.

89. Economics.

90. Languages Arts and Yoruba.

91. Yoruba.

100. Fine Art/Fine and Applied Arts.

101. Language and Linguistics.

102. Foreign Language and Literature.

103. Languages and Literature.

104. French.

105. Linguistics.



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