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Nowadays gamers and other internet users normally use routers for their internet purposes. However, there seem to be some problems with a router which are persistent connection issues and a terrible gaming experience. But in this article, we will take a detailed look at 9 of the best free port forwarding software to solve those problems.

9 Free Port Forwarding Software to Use With or Without Routers in 2022

No doubt, we are way past the time where internet users still make use of modems to access the internet, browse and play games has been completely over for a very long time. So hang on to know about Port Forwarding and free ones to use, as it’s a way better alternative to modems.

What is Port Forwarding?

Seriously, if you have not heard about port forwarding before then you are not a true gamer you are just a beginner. Because almost all professional gamers or even many internet users hoped to get a very good port forwarding software for their internet use. Port forwarding does not only secure gaming connections it can also be used to give you a smooth video calling connection.

I for one has been using a router to game for some time and I discovered when I just started that my game playing experience was not smooth. When I was using my phone to hotspot my computer the gameplay was smoother than what I am getting. That was when I discovered port forwarding. And ever since I have started using software for that no longer do I experience game stoppages.

Port forwarding software lets you send secure communication requests from one address and port to another thus providing smoother gameplay.

9 Top Free Port Forwarding Softwares

If you have been looking for good free port forwarding software to use, look no further because I will show you nine of the best there is. You can also bookmark this page in order for you to try them one after the other and see which one works for you. The most interesting thing about the software is that it can work on both Windows and Mac OS.

1 – Simple Port Forwarding

The simple port forwarding software is the best there is in the business there is simply learning that can compare. This is because it is firstly free to use and available to be downloaded and install and gives you access to port forwarding services. If you make use of this app you would know the need to access your router’s interface. You can easily manage your router port addresses and every other thing you will need from this simple port forwarding software.

You can use this software to change your default DNS and also convert network addresses into static ones. This software accommodates a wide range of routers all over the world.

2 – UPnP PortMapper

UPnP PortMapper enables you to add a view or remove a port easily. There is no expert attention needed to use this software on your PC. UPnP Portmapper gives you access to simple home internet devices such as your router and your local network.

Much first-time use that has been making use of this software for a very long time as it is very easy to use. The choose this software without thinking twice because it’s free, easy and get the job done. UPnP Portmapper park gives you access to SSLH, web gaming servers and more and can it’s available on all windows os.

3 – PortMapper

This is different from the UPnP PortMapper, this does not make use of UPnP rather it makes use of UDP and TCP connections. These connections help it mirror transfer your port and IP addresses easily.

This application is available on the Windows platform and can be downloaded and installed from the website easily. Using this tool is pretty much easy all you have to do is select the port you want to forward and then enter the destination IP or you are well on your server.

4 – WaterRoof

Now we have come to the side of the Mac OS users. Waterproof is one of the best port forwarding software available for Mac OS. This software enables you to create and configure the work of the PWF firewall on your Mac computer. This software basically scan your configuration setup to give you better options to choose from.

5 – Simple Port Tester

As the name suggests this application lets you test your port to check for vulnerabilities with just a few clicks of the button. The most important thing is that this software is totally free to use as it is open source. Using this software you have the ability to test for both UDP and TCP connections. You can download the software on Mac for free on their website.

6 – Port Forwarding Wizard

This is another Mac OS port forwarding to it is one of the best in the business as it is widely used by so many internet users. All you have to do is to enable the UPNP feature in your gateway and then leave the rest to this software to take care of. With the help of this tool, you can easily add port forwarding entries to your router and enjoy.


We have come back to Windows users with the AUTAPF software. AUTAPF is one very popular port forwarding software with lots of features that you would love if you are an expert. And also this software is available for free.

This software is easy for those with a little bit of technical know-how as it can let you split UDP and TCP connections and more.

8 – PF Config

PF Config is another option for Windows users to help forward their ports. As the name implies this app lets you configure your router in a way it will best suit your internet needs. It is as easy as any other thing to use all you have to do is to download it and then configure it and you are done.

9 – Port Map

We are going to be ending this article with a portmap. This software allows you to create port mappings that in turn allow you to use remote resources. It lets you access different applications such as your webcam and also gives you access to shared files.

This app lets you easily configure your port mapping feature without sweat more than what is possible using your native router interface.

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