The Best and Sure Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Tips for Gameweek 31 in 2021/2022 Season

Premier League Gameweek 30 for the 2021/2022 season is done and different players have given a lot of effort. So, Fantasy Premier League in short “FPL” managers have to consider some key players for the upcoming week. Also, wrong decisions can lead to low points. With this, it is important that you consider the FPL Tips for Gameweek 31.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Tips for Gameweek 31

In fact, you might find these tips helpful as they will help you arrange your team properly for the upcoming Gameweek. Meanwhile, before bringing the tips, it is important that you see the premier league fixture as it may prove very helpful.

Premier League 2021/2022 Gameweek 31 Fixtures

As said earlier, before providing the tips for Gameweek thirty-one, it is important that you see the premier league fixtures. The table below contains all the fixtures not only-but also the time for the matches.



Time (BST)

April 2nd Liverpool vs Watford 12:30
April 2nd Brighton vs Norwich 15:00
April 2nd Burnley vs Man City 15:00
April 2nd Chelsea vs Brentford 15:00
April 2nd Leeds vs Southampton 15:00
April 2nd Wolves vs Aston Villa 15:00
April 2nd Man Utd vs Leicester 17:30
April 3rd West Ham vs Everton 14:00
April 3rd Spurs vs Newcastle 16:30
April 4th Crystal Palace vs Arsenal 20:00
April 4th Burnley vs Everton 19:30

FPL Tips for Gameweek 31

Below you will get good Fantasy Premier League in short “FPL” Tips for Gameweek 31 in 2021/2022 Season of the English Premier League. Moreover, managers should ensure to follow them properly as it might be very helpful.


Again, it would be very important to choose a very good Goalkeeper for this week as he might save your team. But, one Goalkeeper that Managers should go for is Alisson.

So, with this, it is important that you consider choosing him for Gameweek thirty-one. Meanwhile, good alternatives to him are Ederson and Lloris.


Furthermore, from the previous Gameweek result, Gabriel is one of the best defenders that managers should consider for Gameweek thirty-one. Without doubts, Cancelo and Alexander Arnold are also good alternatives to him.


Also, in football, one very important aspect is your midfield and Mohamed Salah is among the best midfielders that have played properly this season. But you can also consider Saka and Son for Gameweek thirty-one.


In addition to this, from the result of last week, one of the best forwarders that you should consider for your team in Gameweek thirty-one is Kane. Whereas, you can also consider Ronaldo as your forwarder this week.


A very important decision that managers will have to make in choosing a captain. This is because they play a very important role in your team. But one of the players that the manager should go for this week is Mohamed Salah. Whereas, Managers can also go for Son or Kane as their captain for Gameweek 31.

Finally, these are what we can take you about the FPL Tips for Gameweek 31 Tips, hope you find them to be helpful. Again, following the tips and your team might give you a good point.


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