Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Cup Tie Break Rules for 2022/2023 Season

Currently, FPL is one of the best and most played fantasy games available online. But what makes it more fun to play are the leagues and cups. This is because they allow You to compete with other Fantasy Premier League players. In this post, You will get the FPL Cup Tie Break Rules.

FPL Cup Tie Break Rules for this 2021/2022 Season

Also, before bringing up the rules, this post will tell You a few details about the Fantasy Premier League cup. It will furthermore, tell You about FPL and provide other information that might be helpful.

What You Need to Know About Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

Firstly, it is important that you know FPL is a game that casts you in the role of a fantasy manager of Premier League players. To play this game, it is necessary that you pick a squad of 15 premier league players. The points your team get is based on the performance of the players in their premier league matches,

Also, you should know that players get points based on goals, assists, save and clean sheets. Selecting a captain from your starting lineup will earn you extra points. As well as that, this game is free to play and it comes with a lot of awards for the top managers.

Managers get an initial budget of €100.0m to spend on a squad of 15 players. Finally, to play this game, all you have to do is sign up and arrange your squad as said earlier, it is a free game to play and comes with an attractive price.

Now that You know about Fantasy Premier League, You will get to know the FPL Cup Tie Break Rules.

What You Need to Know About Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Cup

As said earlier, this post will also tell You about Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Cup as You might find it helpful. You should know that this is an FA cup equivalent for FPL. In this cup, managers are drawn randomly against each other starting from Gameweek 16. The manager scoring the most points among the two will proceed to the next round.

However, the one that scores the least or lowest point is out and has to try again in the next season. The FPL cup draw is made based on Gameweek 15 performance. You should know that only Fantasy Premier League Gameweek score will be considered and not the entire season score.

This means the top 8 million ranked team in FPL Gameweek 15 will qualify for the first-round draw. So, these managers will have to battle with each other to win the FPL cup. Now, that You know about this, You will get to know the FPL Cup Tie Break Rules.

FPL Cup Tie Break Rules for this Current 2022/2023 Season

Definitely, what You will get here are the Fantasy Premier League “FPL” Cup Tie Break Rules as managers are looking for it. You should know that You are not alone if You are looking for this. The following tie-break will be applied until a winner is found is a cup match is drawn.

  • The most goals that are conceded by a team’s players during a Gameweek.
  • Most Goals by a Team’s Player in a Gameweek.
  • Also, if both teams are still tied, there will be a virtual coin toss.

So, these are the FPL Cup Tie Break Rules. For further information, You should visit the Fantasy Premier Website.

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