Fishbowl Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition 2020 (Up to $50,000 Prize to be Won) | APPLY NOW

Are you interested in the Fishbowl Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition 2020? If you are then you are in luck because entries are open to individuals who want to take part in this challenge. The fishbowl competition is a challenge designed with the aim of bringing students together from all over the world. The challenge is done in collaborative problem solving for some of the world’s most complex social and economic situations.

Fishbowl Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition 2020 (Up to $50,000 Prize to be Won) | APPLY NOW

Fishbowl challenge was officially created because the people who formed it are passionate about 2 things. Those 2 things are bringing the world together by connecting young people around the world, helping them bring their ideas to life in other to make the world a better place by changing it.

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Fishbowl believes that the if the world has a future it would be a global one, with from different backgrounds, different culture, and geographies rallying together to solve problems and male use of the opportunity we have. They wish to offer a safe space for participants with a safe space to experience global collaboration, begin something new they believe in, and providing them with the feedback and support they need in other to grow.

About the Fishbowl Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition 2020 | How it Works

It is a remote competition, so expect to see students coming together to form a remote group of 4 to 5 people. The group would work on an idea for a venture that provides a solution to pressing needs for the world over 6 months. Students would be offered the opportunity to be a part of an international team of like-minded peers in other to provide solutions with the support of mentors and enough resources to help them along the way

The Fishbowl Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition 2020 is founded on two main principles. An interconnected world where many of the problems the world is facing can be solved. And this can be done only through a collaborative effort and the need to empower young people to add their voice, Knowledge and resources to ensure the world is going to become a better place.

Different teams would be placed in a competition for the chance to win up to $50,000 in prize money to further develop their ideas further over the summer. The finals of the program would be held at Berlin, Germany (all expenses covered).

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Benefits of the Fishbowl Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition 2020

  • An awarded prize of about $50,000 to be won
  • Get the chance to work with like-minded individuals
  • Acquire more experience working with a global team
  • Build up the skills you acquire and grow as an entrepreneur


  • The fishbowl challenge is available to applicants from any country
  • Only available to undergraduate and graduate (Masters)
  • Interested student can apply using with an idea or an interest in any of the categories of social issues listed by fishbowl. If your topic is not among those of the shortlist categories, you are free to apply. When applying, indicate which topic area you are interested in following during the process of filling the application form.

Application Process

  • All applications received by fishbowl would be reviewed and about 100 candidates would be selected.
  • The candidates shortlisted would be invited to go through a team formation process which should involve a matching process due to the mutual interest.
  • Then the first round of the project would commence, which happens to be a problem statement, ideation and initial business plan process.

Open this link to apply for the 2020 Fishbowl Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition.

Deadline: July 15 2020

Follow this link for more details about the Competition.

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