Federal University and Private Universities in Plateau State Nigeria; Which is Better

The battle has always been federal vs private universities even in Plateau state. Let’s have an insight of these two to decide which of them wins!

Plateau Federal vs Private University; Which is Better? Check!

What are They;

Universities; otherwise known as higher institutions are where people attend to obtain a diploma or B.sc in any course of their choice. We have both federal and private universities.

What are Federal Universities?

A federal university is a higher institution where both the teaching and non-teaching staff are paid by the government. The university is also government-owned. It is important to note that federal universities are mostly limited to one per state. For Plateau state, it is the University of Jos (UniJos).

What are Private Universities?

Private universities are universities that are owned by individuals or a group of people that are not the government. There are only 2 private universities in Plateau state. The first is Karl Kumm University, Vom and the second is Anan University, Kwall.

Difference Between Federal and Private Universities

Federal vs Private universities in Plateau state; let’s have a look at what differentiates them from each other;

  • A federal university is government owned while a private university is individually owned.
  • Federal universities accommodate more students, unlike private universities.
  • Unlike private universities, there are diverse options of courses to choose from in a government-owned university.
  • Private universities often need the government’s accreditation

NUC Ranking;

The NUC stands for Nigerian Universities Commission and students and parents alike tend to trust their judgment on the rankings.

NUC Ranking of Federal University in Plateau State

UniJos being the only federal university in Plateau state is currently ranked 23rd on the ranking list of universities in Nigeria.

NUC Ranking of Private University in Plateau State

As both Anan University, Kwall and Karl Kumm University, Vom are both new universities established in 2021, they are yet to make it to NUC’s ranking.

Jamb Admission Requirements;

To get into any higher institution in Nigeria, it is common knowledge that one has to write JAMB. But then there’s also a minimum score to get in.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the Federal University in Plateau State

The cut-off mark of federal higher institutions in Plateau state, UniJos is 180. That is one must get a minimum total of 180 over 400 to get admitted.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the Private University in Plateau State

To be admitted into any private university in Plateau State, one must have a least JAMB cut-off mark of 180 over 400.

Their Cut-off marks
Anan University, Kwall = 180
Karl Kumm University, Vom = 180

Which has a Higher Jamb Cut-Off Mark?

To get into either a federal or private university in Plateau state, one must have a JAMB minimum cut-off mark of 180. So, it’s a tie for this round.


Everywhere we go, there is often diversity around us. The university is also a place where you can find diverse people and tribes all over the country.

What Tribe Mainly Attends the Federal University in Plateau State?

Due to the fact that Plateau state is located in the northern zone, a lot of the northern tribe often attend the federal university there.

What Tribe Mainly Attends the Private University in Plateau State?

Although there are more northerners in the private universities in Plateau state, you are certain to find other tribes there unlike the federal university.

Which has More Ethnic Group Mixture?

Private universities have more ethnic group mixture. Due to their security and restrictions, the students have to relate less with indigenes.

School Fees;

Just like the nature of the school varies the fees that students have to pay also vary according to university.

The School Fees of The Federal University in Plateau State

For the freshers of the University of Jos (Unijos), they pay 130,000 naira for school fees. It isn’t even up to a quarter of a million.

The School Fees of The Private University in Plateau State

The average school fees for new intakes in private universities in Plateau state is over a million naira.

Anan University = 2,000,000 naira for returning students and 2,500,000 naira for new students.
Karl Kumm University = Although depending on the course, school fees vary from 675,000 naira.

Which is More Expensive?

From the analysis above, we can see that when it comes down to federal vs private universities in Plateau state, federal is less expensive.


If your child is looking to attend any university in Plateau state, I wish them good luck and pray that they are admitted into the university and course of their choice.

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