Federal University and Private Universities in Ogun State Nigeria; Which is Better

Federal University in Ogun state vs. Private University in Ogun state, that’s what we’re looking into today. However, you will see numerous facts regarding their school fees, diversity and so much more.

Ogun Federal vs Private University; Which is Better? Check!

What are They

Private universities in Ogun state include; Covenant University, Bells University of Technology, and Hallmark University. Federal university in Ogun state are Federal University of Agriculture.

What are Federal Universities?

Federal Universities are tertiary institutions that are run by the federal government, in Ogun state we have the Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB). So, when it comes to its funding and growth, the federal take full responsibility for this school.

What are Private Universities?

Private universities are tertiary institutions that are run by private individuals some examples in the Ogun state include Covenant University, Crawford University, Hallmark University, and some others. However, these school operates on a private sector and bodies.

Difference Between Federal & Private Universities

The difference between a private and federal university is in their source of funding, private universities are funded by investors whereas federal universities are funded by the federal government.

NUC Ranking

NUC means National University Commission, they are a body that is in charge of the Performance of universities. And, they often assign ranks to these universities based on their performance.

NUC Ranking of the Federal University in Ogun State

In Ogun state, there is only one federal university, the Federal University of Agriculture and it has an NUC ranking of 2nd position as of 2023.

NUC Ranking of the Private University in Ogun State

In Ogun state, there are 12 private universities and we’ll give you their rankings for 2023

Which has a Better NUC Ranking?

From the above schools in the federal and private categories, we see that the university with the best NUC ranking in Ogun state is Covenant University. Besides, it’s also one of the best private universities in Nigeria.


Getting admission into these schools is dependent on what you’re able to score in your exams, post utme, Waec and Jamb. And, out of these three, Jamb covers quite a lot and we’re going to delve into it.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the Federal University in Ogun State

The Federal University of Agriculture in Ogun state, released a Jamb cut-off mark of 160 points. So, if you score above this score, you have a greater chance of gaining admission into this tertiary institution in Ogun State.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the Private University in Ogun State

However, we prepared a list showing the Jamb cut-off mark for all the private universities in Ogun state;

  • Mountain Top University- 180points
  • Redeemers University- 180points
  • Covenant University- 180points
  • Crescent University- 160points
  • Hallmark University- 160points
  • Bells University of Technology- 180points
  • Chrisland University- 180points
  • McPherson University- 180points
  • Babcock University- 170points
  • Crawford University- 180points
  • Southwestern University- 160points
  • Trinity University- 140
  • Christopher University- 140points

Which has a Higher Jamb Cut-Off Mark?

The highest Jamb cut-off mark among these schools is shared by seven of the private universities at 180 points. So, you have to prepare and read your books well so you can gain easy admission to any of the private universities in Ogun state.


Diversity is certainly a factor to consider, it refers to the level of inclusion of people irrespective of factors such as race, religion, etcetera.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the Federal University in Ogun State

For the federal university in Ogun state, the tribe which majorly attends is the Yoruba group.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the Private University in Ogun State

In all 12 private universities in Ogun state, the tribe with the highest population is the Yoruba group.

Which has More Ethnic Group Mixture: Federal University vs Private University in Ogun State

After comparing all private universities and the federal universities in Ogun state, it is believed that Covenant University in Ogun state has the greatest ethnic group mixture.

School Fees

The school fees for these schools are dependent on the course which you choose to do. So, what we have below is a range which shows the lowest to highest school fees.

The School Fees of the Federal University in Ogun State

For the federal university in Ogun state, the school fees paid depend on the course you choose. However, what we have here is a range showing highest to lowest, #62,750-#72,750.

The School Fees of the Private University in Ogun State

  • Mountain Top University- #650,000
  • Redeemers University- #600,000-#700,000
  • Covenant University- #800,000-#900,000
  • Crescent University- #730,000-#860,000
  • Hallmark University- #400,000
  • Bells University of Technology- #600,000-#700,000
  • Chrisland University- #500,000-#600,000
  • McPherson University- #400,000-#500,000
  • Babcock University- #375,000-#750,000
  • Crawford University- #450,000
  • Southwestern University- #200,000-#300,000
  • Trinity University- #300,000-#550,000
  • Christopher University- #230,000-#635,000

Which is More Expensive?

From the above, we see that private universities are by far more expensive than federal universities. So, we consider the most costly out of all private universities, we then have Covenant University.


In conclusion, making a decision regarding which university you go to needs a lot of consideration especially because this can affect you for a while. However, these facts should definitely be useful in your choice of university.

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