FCMB SheVentures Mentorship Program 2020 for Nigerian Businesswomen | APPLY NOW

FCMB is organizing a SheVentures Mentorship Program which is mainly to support businesswomen who have high potential and outstanding skills. The FCMB SheVentures mentorship program is a 12-week program which is mainly designed planned and orchestrated to support and encourage Nigerian businesswomen who have a very high potential progress into a leadership position and to enhance their key business.

FCMB SheVentures Mentorship Program 2020 for Nigerian Businesswomen | APPLY NOW

For all businesswomen or prospective business women the FCMB SheVentures mentorship program, 2020 is one of the best mentorship programs that you can enrol for. The FCMB she ventures mentorship program would widen and broaden your horizon when it comes to business-related matters, this knowledge and skills gained when you pass through this programme as a woman would greatly increase your business proficiency as a woman.

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Dabbling into business as a lot of things and factors that are attached to it, to dabble or enter into the business world as a woman there are business strategies that you have to be knowledgeable of in order for you to stand out in the business world, this is one of the main reasons why you have to apply for the FCMB she ventures mentorship program 2020.We the help of this programme you will be able to understand a higher form or degree what business as a whole is all about.

We would be giving you a comprehensive and detailed explanation about the FCMB she ventures mentorship program 2020 in this article which would be an inclusion of the application process and what the programme is all about.

About the FCMB SheVentures Mentorship Programme 2020

As said earlier the FCMB she ventures mentorship program 2020 is one of the programmes that are available for women who are business-oriented. This programme is geared towards the training of women with outstanding talents into business experts and professionals in Nigeria. This programme has a lot of advantages and benefits, it provides beneficiaries with the needed knowledge, guidance, motivation and emotional support coupled with a role modelling which is needed to grow a successful business. The programme creates and provides an environment where different and diverse issues can be discussed openly and constructive conversations can be shared with different businesswomen.

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This programme also provided the opportunity and privileges for the empowerment of female entrepreneurs to scale and build businesses that will outlast and as well improve the overall success of businesses owned by women in Nigeria. The programme is proud to deliver an initiative that has a positive impact on the mentees who are learning new skills.

How to Apply

The application process of the FCMB She ventures mentorship program 2020 is one of the key information to be aware of. You should be aware of the fact that without you been knowledgeable about the application process in order for you to partake in the programme.

All applicants are to click here apply for the FCMB she ventures mentorship program 2020.

Application Deadline

Not specified.

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