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Over the years, Facebook has made several amazing features to help users go about their everyday lives and enjoy Facebook. If you are paying attention to the things happening on Facebook then you should at least have heard about the Facebook payment system. Facebook payment system which is popularly recognized as Facebook pay is a new feature on Facebook that help users make payment to friends, shop for goods, and even donate to fundraisers using their Facebook account. Facebook pay is not built together with Facebook’s new Calibra wallet and libra network, and the platform is built on already existing financial infrastructure and partnerships.

Facebook Payment System - Facebook Payment App | Facebook Payment Settings

Facebook has rolled out its new payment system on Facebook messenger, and now the platform is available for use by Fundraisers, person-to-person payments, in-game purchases, event tickets and other purchases available from pages and businesses that work on Facebook marketplace. With time, Facebook wishes to make the payment system available to more people and in more places. Also, the plan to make it available for use across other social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger Payment System

With the payment system available, there is a lot you can do with Facebook messenger. Facebook pay was developed to work with the main messenger making the platform more useful. Now, you can send money without having to leave your chat or discussion or you can even request money from your friends.so this platform is designed for you if you spend a lot of your time on Facebook Messenger, then you should consider yourself very lucky.

How Facebook Payment system works

If you read the article from the beginning you should at least have an idea of how it works. But in case you still do not understand, I will be giving you how it works. On like other online payment platforms, the Facebook payment goes two ways. As a much as you can make payments for different reasons, You can also send money and you can also request money. You may ask how would you request money using Facebook pay? Well, I will be giving you steps on how to do that.

How to Send Money

Sending money using Facebook pay is as easy as sending a private message on your Facebook messenger. In other to send money, all you have to do is:

  • Open the messenger on the app or your web browser
  • Startup a conversation with any of your friends you want to make the payment to
  • Locate the payment ($) icon on your messenger and click it
  • Enter the amount you want to send to your friend on the messenger
  • Once that is done, click next and the money would be sent

Note: if you cannot locate the dollar ($) icon on your messenger contact Facebook support for help.

How to Request Money

  • First, open your messenger app
  • Begin a conversation with the person you want to request money from
  • Tap the four-square round arranged in a square shape and a pop-up menu would appear
  • Click request
  • Enter the amount you want to request
  • You can choose to enter a note, then fill out the pertinent information and click “request”

And with that, you will be able to make transactions using Facebook Pay.


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