Facebook Dating Countries – Dating on Facebook App Canada | Dating on Facebook App

Facebook Dating Countries – Facebook has launched its new dating app “Facebook dating feature” on its app and messenger for singles to use. Although the Facebook dating application is still in the testing mode it has been released in some countries and they have had major success, Facebook is trying and is still working on increasing the number of country’s that can participate in the Facebook dating application to ensure more and more users.

Facebook Dating Countries - Dating on Facebook App Canada | Dating on Facebook App

Facebook being a global social media brand actually need to have all its features being enjoyed by citizens of different countries of the wolf in different continents of the world, Facebook isn’t allowing to just allow only the American citizens to enjoy the content they have to make sure the whole world enjoys such contents.

Features of Facebook Dating Application

Although the Facebook dating application was introduced to the world in 2018 at the Facebooks conference, it actually launched later that year because it was just in internet testing mode, it took a few months before they were fully run and ready to lunch but on lunch, they could only start with one country.

  • The Facebook dating is actually an application inside the Facebook websites or application, this application allows for its registered users to find love through its database, users are asked for their preferences when registering which helps them find love easily.
  • Facebook dating application actually allows for users to have a customized search when looking for love they allow their users the chance to decide how they want their dates to look like and where they stay.

Although the Facebook dating application started in one country they have been working tirelessly to expand their reach to other counties of the world so they can make it a more global feature but Facebook is still working on this.

How to Open Facebook Dating Application – Facebook Dating App

Opening and registrations for the Facebook dating application actually quite simple, since Facebook is a platform used worldwide they have to make their registrations processes straight forward since they have different kinds of people logging into Facebook form different parts of the world.

These are the steps to open the Facebook dating application.

  1. Open web browser
  2. Open and login into Facebook account https://m.facebook.com
  3. Tap on dating in the options
  4. Click on get started and create a new profile
  5. Click on the location, gender, preferences and select a new profile picture
  6. Facebook opens a new profile and users can accept if they like it

These are the steps to be followed when users want to register or open the Facebook dating application.

Facebook Dating Countries | Facebook Dating App Feature Launched in the USA and Other Countries

Upon the lunch of the Facebook dating application, Facebook only launched it at Columbia in the year 2018 but because of the huge success, they have decided to lunch it in more countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname. Facebook plans to lunch in all these countries soon and with any luck, they would get to the rest of the world soon.


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