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Hello everyone, the year is still fresh, but the month that happens to be the slowest of the 12 is gradually coming to its end, bringing along the warm love welcoming tidings of February as this is the month that most of us tend to celebrate love. Over time, Facebook has developed the tradition of helping its dear users celebrate holidays and also help celebrate them with their loved ones. Valentine’s day is no different, even more, interesting now that you can now send Facebook Valentine’s day cards to your loved ones, which we shall be addressing later in today’s article.

Facebook Valentine’s Day Cards - Facebook Valentine Post | Facebook Valentine Frames


Facebook Valentine’s day cards are digital, virtual cards provided on Facebook that users can share with family, friends and loved ones. As of last year, this card was available on the 13th of February, making it available for people to use on Valentine’s day, which of course is on the 14th of February- this day means different things to different people, but at the end of the day, it’s all about sharing love. This feature is not mandatory as users can choose whether or not, to send these cards to people

How does Facebook Valentine’s Day Cards Work

Facebook Valentine Post | Facebook Valentine Frames

These virtual cards that are designed to capture love and attention of them in different ways to different people take its effect on Valentine’s day, Facebook will send you a warm notification, wishing you a happy Valentine’s day, after this, you will be prompted to share Facebook Valentine’s day card to your loved ones. It shouldn’t be strange to expect the same from others as people can end up receiving lots of Val day’s cards as it’s a day where people tend to show their love to people worldwide.

On the Eve of Valentine’s day, Facebook will send you a link ( if you want) where you can get customized Valentine’s day cards from a variety of templates available for you to choose from, allowing you to design them to your taste, and then upload them on your timeline or to your friends and loved ones. The social media giant is always the first to get you in the mood by sending you a notification, telling how dear and esteemed you are, giving you the best wishes on that day, and asking you in turn if you wish to share and celebrate this day with your friends and loved ones.

For those of us that missed our chance of showing love to the people that matter last year, probably not able to reach out to everyone, stay close to your Facebook account this year, as Facebook plans to make this year’s Valentine day an even more loving and memorable day for all its users.

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