Facebook Reality Labs Liquid Crystal Research Awards 2020 (Up to $11,000 in Prizes to be Won) | APPLY NOW

Are you interested in the 2020 Facebook Reality Labs Liquid Crystal Research Awards? Well, if you are then be prepared because applications are invited from candidates who are looking forward to applying for the research award. The main aim of the award is to encourage the young generations in the liquid crystal field and in other cross-disciplinary fields to help with opening opportunities and possibilities of LC technology in the AR/VR field.

About the Facebook Reality Labs Liquid Crystal Research Awards 2020

Facebook Reality Labs is really happy to invite researchers, students who have graduated, and postdocs (who have been graduates in the previous three years), with enough research experience in the liquid field, in other to be eligible to apply for the award. FRL is pleased to be offering six research awards, in other to aid academic work that addresses the challenges they face and opportunities while producing generalizable knowledge.

Awards Offered

The award the victors of the research Programme would be receiving includes:

  • One Diamond Award of $5000
  • Two Platinum Awards of $3500
  • Three Gold Awards of $2500

Eligibility Requirements of the Award

  • All applicants are expected to be students who have graduated and are currently enrolled in a master’s or PhD program. or a postdoc in an academic research group who have been graduate within the past three years from the application date.
  • Applicants are expected to possess a track record that proves their achievements demonstrated by first-authorized publications in leading research journals, or a recognized conference presentation organized by ILCS, SID, OSA, SPIE, IEEE, or similar.
  • This award is not available to any employees of Facebook. And they include STE, FTEs, interns, or contingent workers.

How to Apply

In other to apply for the award, you are required to submit the following documents.

  • Curriculum Vitae: you are to provide a CV that contains your research projects and publications to give Facebook a better understanding of your significance and the significance of your research for AR/VR application and the quality of the results
  • Cover letter: you are to provide a cover letter that you would share with Facebook stating who you are, your research and experience and passion, the connection between your research in liquid crystal and the AR/VR field, and how this award would contribute to helping your reach your goal.
  • Recommendation letter(optional): if you are to provide a recommendation letter, one at least is preferred but not required, the recommendation letter is required to come from your professor or other collaborators, along with your application.
  • Prior Publication in the AR/VR field(required): you are required to submit at least one full paper stating your first-authorized publication along with your application. This would display the quality of your work in the intersection area between liquid crystal technology and the AR/VR field.

Click on this link to apply for the 2020 FRL Liquid Crystal Research Awards.

Application Deadline

1st of July, 2020.

For more details concerning how to apply for the Facebook Reality Labs Liquid Crystal Research Awards 2020 follow this link.



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