Facebook Payment App – Facebook Pay App 2020 | Facebook Pay Account Setup

The Facebook App is an online platform mostly known by people all over the world for chatting with friends and families but what majority of the people don’t know is that it can also be used for payments and not only is the Facebook App used for communicating, it has other amazing features which includes sending and receiving money.

Facebook Payment App - Facebook Pay Account Setup | Facebook Pay Setup

The Facebook payment App feature can only be used by the involvement of a parent or a guardian for people under the age of eighteen years and I will advise that all payment terms should be carefully reviewed to clearly know and understand all their responsibilities and rights. A great advantage of the Facebook payment App is that you can be able to share the cost of an item among people.

There are major requirements needed for users to be able to make use of the Facebook payment App and these requirements include the fact that you have to be eighteen years of age and above to have access to the Facebook payment App, you and the friend or family you’re dealing with must be living in the United States and it is also necessary for payments to be funded with a United States bank-issued Visa, Master card or a PayPal account.

How to Create the Facebook Payment Account | Facebook Payment App Settings

Knowing how to send and receive money, also to request for funds on the  Facebook payment app is not something difficult to do because one of the amazing features on Facebook is sending and receiving payments. But to start with, the primary step to take is to set up your Facebook payment account on your Facebook app so you can have access to the Facebook payment app feature:

  • Connect your device to an active internet source
  • Log on to your account via Facebook messenger App.
  • Tap on the profile picture in the top left corner of your screen to navigate your profile screen in the Facebook messenger.
  • You will be redirected to the profile settings, once there, tap on payments.
  • Space will be given for you to fill out your necessary payment Information and your Facebook pay account will be set up.

You can follow the above steps to set up your Facebook Payment account on the Facebook payment App to start sending and receiving money.

How to Send Fund Request on the Facebook Pay App

We can see above in this article that getting to create your Facebook payment account for sending and receiving money on the Facebook payment apps is quite straight forward. So I’ll go ahead and give a few steps on how to request funds from your friends to receive below:

  • Find their name on the search bar and begin a conversation with
  • Tap on the money icon which is at the left of the textbox.
  • All the payment information will be displayed once a chat start.
  • Finally, a notification will be sent by Facebook if your fund request has been accepted or denied by your friend.

Using the Facebook payment App is not complicated, there are still lots to learn but we have given you a basic knowledge of the Facebook payment to keep you going!.


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