Facebook Pay Via Messenger App Download – Facebook Pay Setup – How to Setup Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay Via Messenger App Download“, Facebook Pay is one of the most interesting and Unique features on Messenger and Facebook right now, and definitely, every single user who has heard about the feature wants to try it out. If you happen to be one of the many individuals that cannot wait to get their hands on the feature, then you need to check out Facebook pay Setup Process.

Facebook Pay Via Messenger App Download – Facebook Pay Setup – How to Setup Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay Via Messenger App Download

Using Facebook Messenger without trying out this feature is like boarding a plane without eating anything on it, and you definitely do not want that, so check out this content for the interesting deals it has for you.

Via Messenger Pay, a lot of people on Facebook have been able to request and send money to and from friends directly while they are having a conversation. Facebook pay has proven to be useful, as it provided a more convenient method of transferring money, making payment for items bought on the Marketplace, donate to fundraisers, and more.

How Does Facebook Pay Work?

Just like I have stated before, Facebook pay provides a more convenient method of money transfer, and help for payments of other sought.

  • To transfer money, the person receiving it is expected to have an account to receive the money as the payment is done via chat on Messenger.
  • In order to combat potential service fees, Facebook made the features useable with a debit card or a verified PayPal account, so, making use of a Credit card is not possible. This should tell you that Facebook had to work with PayPal just to make this feature work and available to all their users.
  • The best part of this feature is that Facebook made sure it is safe for all the users making use of it. All the information is encrypted and stored in a secured environment.
  • All the necessary measures to make sure the platform is safe for all the users has been taken, and you can make use of the platform without worry of losing your money or any other bad outcome.

Facebook Pay Setup Process

Facebook Pay Setup Process for messenger is not as complicated as you think, all you would have to do at this point is to follow the steps below. If you are new to Facebook Pay setup process, follow the steps stated below:

  • To this on your Messenger, click on your profile picture on messenger app to go to the profile page at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Once you are in the profile settings page, scroll down the page and tap payments
  • At this point, you would be required to fill out the payment information.
  • Choose to add your debit card, or get your PayPal account synced to your messenger. The account that you enter at this point would be where the money would be pulled from.
  • You can choose to add your identification number for extra security. If you choose to set up a pin, make sure the number is a unique one, and cannot be guessed easily. if you are making use of an iOS device, you can enable your Touch ID.

And with this, you have just successfully setup Facebook pay, and you can now send and receive money. Since all the transactions are done via your Debit and PayPal account, no service fee would be charged.


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