Facebook Pay Me Via App – FACEBOOK PAY SETUP – Setup Facebook Pay Account

Facebook has a lot of interesting features that have made it stand out as one of the best social media platforms so far. they have released so many interesting features over the years, and last year the released Facebook Pay. If this is your first time hearing about this feature, then you must be wondering does Really Facebook Pay me via the messenger app! If you are one of those people asking this question, I would be answering your question in this article. If you want to talk about an amazing feature on Facebook, then you need to really check the pay feature which would really blow your mind.

Facebook Pay Me Via App - FACEBOOK PAY SETUP - Setup Facebook Pay Account

If you want to know more about the Facebook pay app, then let me enlighten you. Facebook does not Pay anyone, they created a feature on their platform that allows you to make payments, and it is called Facebook dating. the feature is even planning to be available across other social media platforms which includes WhatsApp and Instagram. The main use of Facebook pay is to transfer money to your friends and family. Now that you have the basic details of what Facebook pay me is, let proceed further into this content.

How Facebook Pay me Works

You must be wondering, how is it possible that Facebook could have this feature, well let me give you more insight on how the platform works. To make the payment system possible, Facebook allows you to add your PayPal account, or your Debit card information in your account. The platform is also available for free on the mobile app, and the best part is no extra charges are required when you use the app.

Facebook Pay Uses

Aside from just transferring money to your friends, the pay features also have come amazing uses that I would be giving to you below. They include:

  • You can use the Pay app to purchase items on Facebook, and Facebook marketplace
  • You can make use of it to purchase event and games tickets.
  • The features let you donate money to Fundraisers in groups that you support on Facebook.
  • You get to purchase items from brands you follow using the pay app.
  • With the Pay app, you get to transfer and request money from your friends on Facebook.

So far, these are the features available on Facebook pay. With this, you can see that the app is really reliable to all its users.

How to Setup and Use Facebook Pay

Making use of the Facebook pay app is not as complicated as you think. So far, the easiest way to use the app is by sending and requesting money via messenger which I would be giving you below. Steps towards using Facebook pay to transfer and receive money include:

  • First, you what you need to do is open your messenger and locate the person you want to transfer or request from
  • Open a conversation with the person
  • Click the icon to the left of the text field
  • Select “pay friend” option by clicking the money
  • Enter an amount, then select “pay” or “Request”
  • Add a payment method, you can choose to use your debit card or PayPal account.
  • Once you have added the payment method, select it, and choose “pay” or “request” to finish your transaction.

You can choose to add the payment method using the Facebook menu, to prevent always adding it whenever you want to pay or request. And that is it with Facebook Pay me.


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