Facebook Pay App Account – Facebook Pay 2020 | Facebook Pay Setup

Hey, guys today we going to enlighten you about the Facebook pay app and how to access it on your account. There’s no doubt about Facebook being the largest social media platform today as she continues to spread her dominance across many social activities online and even in e-commerce too. With the new rollout of Facebook Pay, it is now easier for Facebook users to send money to people and also make some transactions online, as we shall be seeing later in today’s article.

Facebook Pay App Account - Facebook Pay Setup | Facebook Pay App

The Facebook Pay was created sometime around November 2019, although, there has been a platform for payment via Facebook Messenger, it’s only recently that they made this platform available to other Facebook-related apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. The basic idea behind Facebook Pay is that after signing up and choosing a payment method, it’s easy and comfortable to send money to people from any of these Facebook-related apps.

Facebook Pay App Account | Where can I Use Facebook Pay?

Now that you’ve heard about Facebook Pay, you’re probably wondering where you could find or use this platform, the Facebook Pay works perfectly on Facebook and Messenger for now, but with future expectations of rolling out on WhatsApp and Instagram in their forthcoming upgraded versions.

As of today, the Facebook Pay option bus only available bro users in the United States, but efforts are

What can I Use Facebook Pay for?

It’s normal to be a bit inquisitive though, but as you read, you’re going bro be seeing basically, the cases where you’ll find the Facebook Pay option useful. Some of these cases include the following below:

  1. Facebook: of course, you can use the Facebook Pay here to buy and order items from the Facebook marketplace, support fund-raising groups you belong to, purchase games and events tickets and so on.
  2. Messenger: here, you can use it to pay friends and family through your smartphone or desktop.
  3. Instagram: it will be easier for you to use Facebook Pay to donate and order items from brands you follow.
  4. WhatsApp: this is pretty much as basic as it is with Facebook Messenger.

So, as you can see, Facebook Pay is something worth anticipating across all Facebook-related platforms. As you continue to read in the section below, we shall be throwing more light into the basic steps on how to use Facebook Pay.

How to Use Facebook Pay | Facebook Pay Setup

Now, down to the most basic part, we already have an idea of what Facebook Pay bus and what we can do with it, below is a guide on how to get you set up to use it:

  1. Open a conversation with the person you want to exchange money with on any of the Facebook-related apps.
  2. On the top left corner of your text field, you should see a four-dotted line, tap on it and if it’s on your desktop, it should be a plus(+) sign.
  3. Select the Pay Friend option or click on the money icon on the desktop.
  4. Enter the amount and then select either the Request or Pay
  5. Enter your debit card or pay pal account details.

After following these steps, all that is left is to select the payment option for you to finish the transaction.


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