Facebook New Year Avatar – Avatars on Facebook Today – Create Free Facebook Avatar For New Year – How to Make Facebook Avatar

“Facebook New Year Avatar” As we approach the new year, Facebook has been working on a new interesting avatar feature for their platform, and it happens to be the New Year Avatar Feature.

Facebook New Year Avatar – Avatars on Facebook Today – Create Free Facebook Avatar For New Year – How to Make Facebook Avatar

Everything You Need to Know About the Avatars You See on Facebook Today

If you have heard of Facebook avatar, then you probably know how interesting the feature can be. As when Facebook released the feature, they promised all their users interesting new updates that they later gave to us with the New year avatar feature. This new feature is really thrilling to talk about, and I would be giving you more on it below.

Before I get to the New Year Avatar feature, let me tell you how a little about Facebook Avatar. Facebook avatar is an interesting feature that was released recently on the platform.

It is a cartoonish character that players are offered the opportunity to design and create all by themselves using the many apps on Facebook. the features were created mainly for the purpose of commenting and chatting, and so far, the Avatar has delivered just as expected by Facebook.

Facebook New Year Avatar Feature

Ever since Facebook’s avatar launched, they have always added interesting new features to the platforms, just like when Thanksgiving came, they created interesting features that show the avatar celebrating thanksgiving, and now that we are about to enter the new year, Facebook is already creating interesting new year features. Steps on how to access the features include the following:

  • First, open your Facebook app
  • Then go to the settings and click more, then avatars
  • Then click on the little icon located at the top right corner of the screen
  • Scroll down and see all the new year feature available avatars are available to you.
  • Click on the one you are looking forward to using and then click on More options that is if you want to save it to your phone.

How to Make Facebook Avatar | Create Free Facebook Avatar For New Year

If you must make use of the new year Avatar features, then you would need an avatar first, and I would be giving you the steps on how to create a Facebook avatar below.

  • Once you have located the Facebook avatar app using the steps stated below, click on “get Started”
  • Once you have done that, select your preferred skin tone and then click next
  • Select your hairstyle for your avatar. You can choose a Short, Medium or Long and the colour for your hairstyle.
  • choose your avatar’s face shape, complexion, and face lines.
  • Next, choose the eye shape and colour for your avatar.
  • Next, select the eyebrow shape and colour.
  • You also get the opportunity to add your glasses for your avatar.
  • Now select your preferred nose and mouth.
  • Next, select the beards and colour of the facial hair.
  • Next, choose the shape of the body shape.
  • Now select the outfit of your avatar.
  • Click on Next and then Done.

And with this, you have just created your new Facebook avatar feature. Once you have created the avatar, you can go ahead and celebrate the new year with the “new year feature”.



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