Facebook New Web Design Settings & Privacy Options

There are still lots of amazing new features of Facebook popping up on Facebook every day. And one of the latest development Facebook did was the redesigning of the Facebook web. If you know about the new Facebook then you should know how much attention Facebook gave in redesigning it. With the new look, you should know that Facebook definitely touches all aspect of the platform including the way the settings and privacy option was arranged. With that stated, I will be giving you some hint about Facebook new web design settings & privacy options.

Facebook New Web Design Settings & Privacy Options

Am sure you all are familiar with Facebook settings and privacy, that is if you have used Facebook long enough. the privacy and setting option on Facebook is one of the most important parts of your Facebook account because it determines many things. if you have used the privacy and settings option in any platform before, then you should at least know that it is very useful for you as a user to know how to use Facebook and how it works. But if you already know how the old Facebook settings and privacy option works then the only problem you have with Facebook new web design settings and privacy option is how to locate it.

How to locate Facebook New Web Design Settings & privacy option

Locating Facebook new web design settings & privacy options is a lot easier than you know. The steps to follow are similar to that of the old Facebook web design page. All you have to do in other to access Facebook new privacy and settings option is to:

  • First, open Facebook web and log in your account.
  • Once the page opens, if you are using the new Facebook you should see the drop-down menu arrow at the top left part of the screen.
  • Click the drop-down menu icon (it is beside the messenger and notification icon).
  • When the menu appears, you would find the settings and privacy option at the top of the menu along with other options like help and support, dark mode and more.
  • Click the settings and privacy option and the settings and privacy option would appear like a small menu.

With that, you should have no hard time accessing Facebook new settings and privacy option. But what if you are making use of the old Facebook and you want to switch to the new Facebook to be able to access the new web design feature. Well, that is not so complicated, all you have to do is locate the drop-down arrow in your old Facebook (at the top right), click it and click Switch to new Facebook on the drop menu. With that, you should be on the new Facebook in no time.

Options in the New Facebook Web Design Settings and Privacy Option

Just like I stated, Facebook setting and privacy is very important. On the setting and privacy option, you would find:

  • Settings

  • Privacy Checkup

  • Privacy Shortcuts

  • Activity Log

  • News Feed Preferences and

  • Language.

This page contains your account details, if you ever want to change anything, helps you with your security problems and other important details.


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