Facebook New Dating App Download – Facebook Dating App 2020 | Facebook Dating App Download Free

Facebook Dating app is a new online dating platform introduced by Facebook. It is an in-app feature of the social media giant which allows Facebook users who are interested in online dating to opt-in and create a profile. Facebook New dating app is an app that was made with the user’s safety and privacy as its top priority hence activities engaged in the Facebook Nee Dating app are highly secured and only exclusive to you dating profile on the app.

Facebook New Dating App Download - Facebook Dating App Download Free| Facebook Dating App Update

Facebook New Dating App Download

You can only access the Facebook New dating app via the updated or latest version of the Facebook app, which you can download on the device app store. This means that you must be an account owner on the social network app. However, your profile on the Facebook New dating app is separate from that of you regular Facebook profile so you do not have to worry about prying eyes from Family members on your Facebook account or Facebook friends. This helps keep you online dating app in check as you tend to know the circle of friends who are aware of your dating life.

How to Download the New Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating has made it easier to find love. Seeing as people tend to connect more on similarities and interests, Facebook suggests matches to you based on your interests and preferences and as such, it is not just about looks. The Facebook Dating App as mentioned above is an app that is integrated in the main menu of your Facebook account. This means that there is no specific download for the Facebook New dating app however, there are certain steps to follow to enjoy the experience of Facebook dating. Below are the following steps;

  1. From your mobile device App Store that is Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iPhone users, proceed to download the Facebook New dating app
  2. Ensure that you are upgraded to the latest version of the Facebook App
  3. Login to your Facebook account and the Facebook dating app will appear ok the main menu your profile.

The rest of what you have to do is to create a profile as you input the necessary information in the appropriate fields and begin to enjoy the experience. It should be noted that you must be 18 and older in order to get access to this in-app feature called the Facebook Dating App. Basically, Facebook new dating app helps you create a meaningful relationship.

Where is the Facebook Dating Site Free Feature Available?

The Facebook new dating app launched in the US and in addition, it has been made available for download in 19 other countries. These countries are: Vietnam, Uruguay, Thailand, Suriname, Singapore, Philippines, Peru Paraguay, Mexico, Malaysia, Las, Guyana, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia and  Argentina which is in most parts of South America and the Facebook New Dating App will be made available for download in Europe in early 2020.


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