Facebook Marketplace Payment Methods – Facebook Marketplace Payments | Facebook Marketplace Local

Welcome to my blog, in this article, we shall be looking into Facebook Marketplace basics and its payment methods. Buying and selling are no doubt, practically one of our basic day to day activities, and with the ever-increasing interests in social media commerce, things just got easier as it is now possible to engage in buying and selling activities in Facebook in the Facebook marketplace section.

Facebook Marketplace Payment Methods - Facebook Marketplace Payments | Facebook Marketplace Local

Facebook marketplace is essentially a section on Facebook where people can not only buy and sell but also search items for sale within their community. The advent of this initiative was a result of the ever-increasing spike of buying and selling on Facebook, in the desire to facilitate these transactions in a more comfortable atmosphere, the marketplace was put into place. Before we go into Facebook marketplace methods, let’s throw more light on how to use Facebook Marketplace.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace rolled out sometime in late 2017/early 2018 in just a few locations like the United States, the UK and New Zealand, and has since then seen activities from more than 550 million users on a monthly basis. Well, the process is basic regardless not whether you’re buying or selling, as we shall be explaining right away.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is simple; the steps include the following below:
  • locate the shop icon on your Facebook homepage and tap on it.
  • Select selling, and then go on to tap ‘what are you listing?.
  • Enter a suitable title for the item you want to list, the price and the category.
  • Tap the + to upload a photo of the item( you can upload up to nine photos )
  • Tap on “Post”

That’s basically how to sell how on Facebook marketplace, it’s also important that you give Facebook access to your device location so as to enable people around you to see the item you want to sell and also for you to see other people’s item for sale, too.

Buying on the Facebook marketplace is also basic, there are four major ways to look for items to buy on Facebook Marketplace, these include by :
  • Browsing through the category
  • Using the search bar to search for something specific
  • Filter through the categories
  • Using location or distance.

All you need is to enter the marketplace on your device, look for an item based on one of the four mentioned above, tap on it and from there, you’ll see the profile and details of the seller, where you two can make negotiations on or off Facebook about how to go about the purchase.

Facebook Marketplace Payment Methods

Now, to the bone of contention, I’ll like to state explicitly that Facebook on its own, does not facilitate any form of electronic payments, transactions are done on the Facebook marketplace is strictly between the two parties involved, but in recent modifications, Facebook has recommended that if you’re going to pay electronically, they recommend you use PayPal, and the process is basically the same; select PayPal and fill in your PayPal details, enter the email of the seller and follow the instructions provided on your screen to continue with the payment.

Cash, on the other hand, is another good old alternative, where you get to inspect the item you’re buying before you pay for it in cash. So there you have it, choose from the two payment options and find the one that best suits your interest.

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