Facebook Marketplace How to Sell – Facebook Marketplace App | Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell Near Me

Facebook Marketplace How to Sell – Many of us have goods that we wish to sell online but for some reason or the other, you do not know a very cheap and convenient way of doing that. Well, I’m about to tell you of a way to do it for free and at the same time reach millions of customers. Yes! I am telling you about the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace How to Sell - Facebook Marketplace App | Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell Near Me

The Facebook marketplace is a platform on Facebook which gives sellers a means to display their products to buyers with interest. Sellers have a marketplace space to display all their products and buyers with interest come there to buy. Transactions are not carried out on the marketplace but will be done between the seller and buyer.

Facebook Marketplace How to Sell – Facebook Marketplace Online

Well now that you know a way to meet buyers on Facebook for your products, let me go further and tell you how you would go about it in creating your own marketplace. It should be noted that transactions are not monitored by Facebook but Facebook serves as the linking between the buyer and seller. So let’s get started.

  1. Open the normal Facebook app on your smartphone.
  2. On the app, find and click on the store icon found on the topmost part of the homepage.
  3. Now look for the button with SELL and click on it.
  4. Next, choose the category in which your product fits in.
  5. Add photos to show what you will be selling to your buyers. The more photos you add, the more convinced they will become.
  6. Enter the name of the product you are selling in the “what are you selling” field provided.
  7. Now, enter your starting price. A price that will convince your buyers.
  8. For a better description, add more details to the product including the location of delivery and the pattern of payment.
  9. If everything looks good, you can now click next to be shown groups that might be interested in your product for you to post in.
  10. That’s it. You are done.

You can now share your product on your timeline to friends and family and any other place that you think people might see it. Then you sit back and wait for people with interest to contact you and show interest in that product. So whatever device you are using, the marketplace is ready for use at your disposal.


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