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Definitely, what You are going to get in this article are the Facebook Games to Play in March as they will make your month more fun. Other than chatting with friends, joining groups, and so on, you can now play games. Funny enough, many have been using the social network for years and don’t know.

5 Fun Facebook Games to Play in March 2022 with Friends

Now that you know, you can make this month of March so exciting to you by playing Facebook games. They have a huge collection of games in their library. Is it the solo? Head-to-head? Teaming up? They have them all.

Being a popular social network and used around the world, it lets you compete with users outside your region. Moreover, lots of them are made free and exciting as well.

Top 5 Facebook Games to Play in March

Don’t let this month of March pass by without playing Facebook games. Besides, we’ve rounded up the best you can see on the social media network. Since 2009, social gaming have being on the increase and still moving at a faster pace.

Moreover, Facebook has shown great importance in influencing the gaming industry. Here are the top Facebook games you need to play this march:

  1. Candy Crush Saga
  2. Texas hold ‘em poker
  3. Words with Friends
  4. Criminal Case
  5. FarmVille 2

1. Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular Facebook games out there. Still, it’s making waves as we speak. It is free and exciting to play. Although it has some in-game purchases. You can take it as a competition with other friends as you go higher level getting better ranks. Some considered it to be addictive due to its wonderful gameplay.

2. Texas hold ‘em poker

Why don’t you try to test your gambling skills playing Texas hold ‘em poker games this march on Facebook? Win chips and coins as you enter Texas hold ‘em poker tournament. You use your coins to win more chips by playing bonus games. You can start for free using your chips as a starter.

3. Words with Friends ( One of the Best Facebook Games to Play in March this Year)

The game is quite similar to the popular game we know as Scrabble. This tests our dictionary skills and especially strategy is one of the keys to winning this game. You can go solo and as well play with other users too. Moreover, you can make use of the Community match to compete with your friend which is so amazing.

4. Criminal Case

How good are you at paying attention to details and being observant? Well, you get to know when you play the criminal case this march through Facebook games. Hidden objects, witnesses, suspects, and lots more are integrated into the game.

You try to put all the pieces of information together to get the full picture. So, you make an analysis and arrange the clues, and then you get to know the real perpetrator.

5. FarmVille 2

Farmville has been a great game in time past and hasn’t lost its taste till now. Let’s see how good you are when it comes to farm management. Just like the normal farming routine in the physical world, you also experience a better one playing this game.

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