9 Cool Single & Multiplayer Facebook Games of Pool You can Play

Now, there are lots of pool games on Facebook, which gives people the liberty to play from wherever they find comfortable. While also making it a lot less complicated to pocket a ball, giving them the option to play against friends and family anywhere around the world. With these fantastic pool games you can play on Facebook, it can’t get any better.

Facebook Games of Pool to Play Solo & with Other People; Top 9

We all love playing pool, but due to reasons like having to be in crowded areas like bars or pubs or not being able to pocket a ball accurately, most times, we end up staying away from it. 

4 Amazing Facebook Pool Games You Can Play Solo

Sometimes, we want to have fun alone, So if you’re a fan of pool games and you enjoy playing Solo. Here are the most impressive Facebook games you can play on your own.

1. Pool 8 is the Top Facebook Single Player Pool Game

Pool 8 is a strategic pool game, unlike your average pool game, with eight balls and a stick. In this game, you’re given a white ball on a board with eight rows and seven columns, with holes by the side where you must find a way to pocket the coloured balls with few strategic moves.

2 Pool Ball Sort

In this game, you’re given multiple balls of different numbers and colours inside a bottle, with an additional empty bottle. The main goal of this game is to find a way to sort out balls of the same number and colours inside the same jar.

3 Pool Shooter Pro

Pool Shooter Pro is another interesting Facebook pool game. The goal of this game is to shoot down balls of the same colour and numbers as fast as you can before they reach the bottom of your screen.

4 Pool Rush FRVR

Next on the list is Pool Rush. This game comes with straightforward rules and objects. All you have to do is to score as many points as possible by dropping balls into the pockets. Furthermore, The table comes in a weirdly shaped form, making it complicated to pocket balls directly.

5 Amazing Multiplayer Pool Games on Facebook

Multiplayer pool games give us the best lifelike pool match feeling, competing against friends and players worldwide. Here are the best multiplayer pool games on Facebook.

1. 8 Ball Pool is the Top Multiplayer Pool Game For you to Play on Facebook

8 Ball Pool is an online multiplayer game on Facebook that you can enjoy playing Solo or against friends and family. To play against friends on Facebook, you open the game, choose Play Friends, and then select which friends you’d like to play against.

After choosing, you make your play and wait until your opponent returns the space. Additionally, you can send plays to as many friends as you want and wait for your turn on each game again.

2. Pool Hall

Pool Hall is a Facebook game every pool player should try. The game offers an offline feature, the practice mode, with different methods like Beginners Mission, Classic Mission, and Timed Mission.

Furthermore, two online features are;

  • Match online: This feature lets you compete online against some of the best players worldwide.
  • Match VS Friends: You can compete directly with your friends on Facebook.

3. 8Ball Pool Master

The 8Ball pool Master features authentic Multiplayer 8 Ball and snooker gameplay. It has multiple engaging game modes like;

  • Play one on 1: To match you against any player.
  • Play friends: This mode allows you to compete against your Facebook friends
  • Play tournament: That allows you to turn your score into a game and enables you to invite your friends into a contest.

4. Colour Pool Challenge

Colo Pool Challenge is another Multiplayer Facebook instant board game. The game has multiple game modes;

  • Multiplayer: Online 1v1
  • 2 Player: Offline 1v1
  • Single player: Tutorial/AI mode

Primarily, The game is best played in the multiplayer mode, where you can compete against your friends on Facebook. To win the game, you must finish your colour balls on board before the opponent finishes their colours.

5. Pool and Friends

Pool and Friends is one of the most exciting pool games for friends. The games are in different modes like Classic to compete against friends, Time trial mode to beat a specific time and the practise mode, which is where you can practise to get better.


To conclude, playing pool games can be fun and exciting, and being able to compete against friends and top players around the world makes it even better. So, take your time to go through each game on this list to find the best one for you. 

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