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Facebook application is one of the largest online application for social interaction and communication. The application has provided an opportunity for various people all over the world to socialize and communicate. The platform provides an opportunity for various people to search and finds their friends all over the world provided they have one or two information about the person. Apart from the communication aspect, Facebook has also provided an avenue for all gamers or people who have found a passion for games to play games through the provision of the Facebook Gameroom App after they download and install it.

The Facebook Gameroom is a game client platform for you to play your favourite games in Facebook, there are different types of Facebook games that are available for you to play on Facebook which includes shooters, strategies, puzzles and various types of games. All of your existing Facebook games are also now available on the Gameroom app and you can download them to your personal computer.

The Facebook Gameroom is currently available on Windows 7 and 10 above, there are lots of privileges enjoyed through the use of this game, one of this is that you do not have to go to have a web browser to play the game, every game you play are locally downloaded into your computer and there is no need for you to re-download. Some games are online dependent and require the use of internet connection to play.

Playing games in Gameroom also require the need for you to open an account before installing. It also supports game streaming in which you can watch other streams playing video games on Facebook straight from the video.

Is Facebook Gameroom App Free to Download and Install on PC?

The Facebook Gameroom app is free for users to download and install on their PC’s. Facebook incorporation aims to enter the gaming space and create competition with gaming platforms like Stream, Uplay+ and many others. Presently Facebook Gameroom is free to download on personal computers with no hidden charges, except for a few premium games and most games are free to install & play.

The Facebook Gameroom application allows users to create shortcuts of the games that they have been playing and enable them to share their progress on social media. The Facebook Gameroom download is currently only available for windows users.

How to Download Facebook Gameroom on Your PC | Facebook Gameroom App Download

We would also be giving you a detailed explanation or a step by step procedures on how you can easily download the Facebook Gameroom application on your personal computer. It is easy to do so provided you are knowledgeable on the procedures to do so. The step by step procedures are listed  for you below;

  1. Log into your computer running in Windows 7 and above
  2. Go to Facebook.com/gameroom
  3. Tap on the free install button.
  4. Follow the instructions to download and install the Gameroom

These are the necessary steps you need to be aware of to easily download the Facebook Gameroom application on your personal computer.

Facebook Gameroom Games to Play

The Facebook Gameroom has different and varieties of games embedded in it. We would be listing a list of the various games that you can play. These games are interesting and fun to play, you will enjoy the game to the fullest when playing it, below are some of the games you can play in the Facebook Gameroom application;

  1. Sandstorm picture wars
  2. Empires and allies
  3. Critical ops
  4. Might and mayhem
  5. Path of war
  6. Pirate king
  7. Cooking adventure

These are some of the games that you can enjoy on the Facebook Gameroom application as a user



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